Freedom ECO-X 7-Stage System

The ECO-X offers a comprehensive, whole home water treatment solution that prevents hard water scale and provides healthy, great tasting drinking water. Requiring No Electricity, making for easily installation and compatibility in almost any application.

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NO Salt
– NO Electricity
– ZERO Waste Water
– Easy Install 

The advanced water refinement technologies used in the Freedom ECO-X offer comprehensive removal of 100’s of contaminants such as Volatile Organic Chemicals, Chlorine, Chloramines, THMs, Heavy Metals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Pharmaceutical Residuals, and more.

The Freedom ECO-X system is your most economical water treatment solution as it DOES NOT require periodic filter changes, electricity, or generate any wastewater. This makes for easy installation, even in condos or areas that do not allow drainage.

The patented Scale Sequestering Ionizer prevents hard water scale build-up without the use of salt or potassium, making the system completely maintenance-free.

The ionization process prevents hard water scale formation inside your pipes, on plumbing fixtures, and even extends the life of your water heater and other major appliances.

Finally, an affordable, eco-friendly, premium-grade water treatment system that delivers pure, healthy pH balanced alkaline drinking water throughout your entire home.


Patriot Power Generator 2000X 

The latest innovation in portable solar power from 4Patriots. Features 2,000 watts of power, is newly expandable, and has double the capacity of their previous 1800 model. Never be at the mercy of dangerous blackouts or enjoy the comforts of home when you’re on the go. The Patriot Power Generator is portable, silent, 100% fume-free and safe to use inside your home. And it comes with a FREE commercial grade 100W solar panel included.   Plus your purchase is protected by a best in the industry 365-day satisfaction guarantee.

  • 2X the battery capacity of the 1800 model (now 1612 Wh!) 
  • Increased AC input to 523 watts 
  • Replaced x2 of the previous USB-A plugs with x2 PD USB-C 60W plugs 
  • Added 2 AC plugs – 110V–120V 50-60Hz: 2 outlets share a combined total current limit of 2000w, including a slow-start feature that protects the inverter from over-current draw 
  • 4 USB outlets, 8.4A max (4 ports at 2.1A) 
  • Anderson Powerpole connectors; 1 set with a total shared current limit of 20A at 12VDC (240W max output) 
  • 12V cigarette lighter adapter, capable of 10A (120W) max output 
  • Expansion Capacity – Double your power storage for even longer run times 
  • Battery capacity: 1612 Wh 
  • LED screen for clear visibility  
  • User-friendly side handles for easy carry 

3-Month Survival Food Kit 

This Good-For-25-Year Survival Food Kit is in stock! After being “sold out” for more than a year, the Deluxe 3-Month Survival Food Kit is back on the menu. And it’s better than ever. With exclusive recipes that are so yummy, you’ll swear your grandma made them. Hand packed in two sturdy, covert totes for easy storage and transport.

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks included – even dessert! 
  • 688 total servings per kit / about 7.6 per day 
  • 135,440 total calories per kit / about 1,505 per day 
  • Designed to last 25 years* 
  • “Disaster-resistant” packaging 
  • Hand packed in USA. 
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee 
  • FREE Shipping & handling to USA 48 

4-Week Survival Food Kit 

America Loves This Delicious Survival Food Kit. If you’re looking to secure an affordable backup food supply, the 4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit is the perfect place to start. 196 servings of tasty survival food (about 7 servings a day) and 38,000 total calories (approx. 1,357 a day) for a stressful emergency. Packed in a covert tote for easy storage.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner  
  • Designed to last 25 years* 
  • “Disaster-resistant” packaging 
  • Tastes great, easy to prepare 
  • Hand packed in USA. 
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee 
  • FREE gifts included 
  • FREE shipping & handling (USA 48) 

72-Hour Survival Food Kit 

Perfect Starter. Your #1 need in an emergency is food. That’s why both FEMA and the Red Cross say that you need a supply of non-perishable food on-hand. And why this 72-Hour Survival Food Kit makes for a great gift!

  • Delicious & easy to prepare 
  • 16 total servings / about 5 per day 
  • 3,760 total calories / about 1,253 per day+ 
  • Designed to last 25 years 
  • Hand packed in USA, No Added MSG 
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee 

4Patriots Emergency Food Bars 

The Ultimate “No Prep” Survival Food. 4Patriots Emergency Food Bars require no cooking, added water or heat source. You’ll love the flavor… like a shortbread cookie delicately kissed with lemon.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill “energy bars.” With 400 calories per bar, just 1 Food Bar Pack provides basic rations for 1 person for 3 days.

  • No cooking, water or heat required 
  • Lasts for 5 years* without refrigeration 
  • Delicious lemon-shortbread flavor 
  • Disaster resistant packaging 
  • Non-thirst provoking 
  • Hand packed in USA. 
  • Ships from Utah, USA 
  • FREE Shipping for orders of $97+ (USA 48) 

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