Curb Appeal App

Summer is a great time to think about creating curb appeal at home. Some projects you can do give your home give your home a fresh new look and can be a great investment as it typically increases the value of your home.

Where should I start?

ANSWER:  First look at fencing, this is a great way to frame the home. Today we will be talking about vinyl fence solutions. CertainTeed vinyl fence solutions are engineered for outstanding strength, low maintenance and long-lasting beauty in innovative colors, styles, and textures.

Vinyl fence is actually less expensive than a wood fence.  Although investing in a vinyl fence may cost you more initially, this is where your expense ends. These Bufftech® fences never need painting or staining, won’t chip, peel, crack or splinter and won’t rot or support mold growth. Maintenance is as easy as washing off dirt and dust with a garden hose.

Here are two styles I love to show the true beauty and durability fencing can add:

The current trend in vinyl fences is horizontal fencing. The thru-picket, “good neighbor” modern design is attractive on both sides, and comes in three heights and seven colors for design flexibility here we have the Bufftech® Breezewood

Another trend is authentic woodgrain texture and tongue-and-groove picket design, Bufftech® Chesterfield with CertaGrain texture – Concave style fence stands six feet tall and features a steel reinforced bottom rail. The fencing comes in four stylish colors: Arctic, Brazilian, Sierra or Weathered Blend.


Are there any unexpected ways to improve the looks of my property?

ANSWER:  Accentuate style and extend the life of your home with CertainTeed Siding. Siding is not something more people think about but it can update the look of your home and is one of the best curb appeal projects you can do to increase its value. Here I have three different looks you can create making it look like you have real cedar or stone siding. The thing I love about CertainTeed is they are the color leader in siding with more colors and textures than anyone else is.

So let’s start with the industry’s first polymer shingles that feature an innovative, blended color throughout. Each shingle also reflects the sawmill texture and appearance of cedar and installs in the same manner as individual cedar shingles. With CertainTeed’s innovative CedarLife™ Color Blends, homeowners can capture the appearance of natural Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar at various stages without the risk of weathering or age. These are called Cedar Impressions® Individual 5” Sawmill Shingles

Now let’s talk about getting the rich look of natural cedar without the expense or heavy maintenance check out this Monogram® series, there are 40 siding and trim color options and even an online color finding tool to help decide

I also love the look of stone, stonefacade™ is molded from natural, handpicked stone, and it blends the rugged beauty of the popular ledgestone style with modern performance features, including an integrated rain screen (which minimizes mold) and screw-in-place installation.

CertainTeed’s CurbAppeal™ app for the iPad® allows you to review and select colors, styles and textures for all siding, decking, railing and fence products.”  Or you can also look at the CertainTeed color tools page which provides a number of easy to use tools to help you create a one of a kind look for your home.


What is the easiest way to improve the front of my home?

ANSWER:  The front door is what everyone sees. It is time to refinish the front door for a new look. Let’s beautify wooden front doors and decks, and protect them from rain and other elements, at the same time. Today we will show you how to do this with Olympic Exterior Stain.

Olympic Stain is formulated to protect and enhance wood’s natural beauty with exceptional richness and depth of color.

  • Exterior Stain and Sealant In One
  • Features high-quality performance and beauty with an optimized blend of penetrating natural oils
  • Color Rich technology provides ultra-durable pigments for enhanced protection, a penetrating formula with a rich, beautiful finish and exceptional UV resistance to prevent fading
  • All-climate protection package delivers a urethane-fortified formula for toughness, enhanced waterproofing protection, an a powerful mildew and algae-resistant coating
  • Excellent for al wood types, including exotic hardwoods



Am I really able to do this myself? How should I prepare?  What tools should I consider?

ANSWER:  To make sure these projects are completed correctly you need to make sure you have the tools professionals use. A great resource for this is tool rental centers. Home Depot has a well-stocked Rental Center with everything necessary to get the job done right no matter what size project you decide to take on, and you can rent from four hours to one month.

You’ll see here, I brought in the tools you would need to install fencing or siding, and cleaning your door such as a pressure washer and a paint sprayer for staining, an auger and cement mixer for our fencing.

  • Pressure Washer
  • One Man Auger
  • Cement Mixer
  • Air Coil Siding Nailer

Renting tools has its advantages. You don’t have to store or maintain them. When you’re done, just bring it back. You get a professional quality tool to get the job done. There are 1,100 convenient Rental Centers nationwide. You can rent for a fraction of the purchase price for things you only need once or twice. You don’t have to store or maintain them. When you’re done, just bring it back. The Rental Center has a variety of pro-grade large equipment, tools, trucks, and trailers to help you get the job done.