Protection Begins at The Front Door! Secure your home with the Door Armor Max Combo Set by Armor Concepts and never worry about your family’s safety again.

Most homeowners do not realize all that stands between them and a surprise door kick in attack is a small piece of pine wood securing a deadbolt lock. Adding in a layer of steel that stops door kick ins, the Armor Concept system increases the strength of that deadbolt setting by over 1000%. Utilizing the Door Armor system by Armor Concepts builds a barrier, giving the homeowner time to protect loved ones, call law enforcement authorities, retrieve their home defense weapon, and drastically increases survivability of an attack.

· It’s all about adding TIME and an extra barrier of protection.

· Door Armor prevents someone from entering your home –  REAL PROTECTION. (alarms make noise, cameras capture images of someone on your property)

· Door Armor was designed as a compliment to every home security solution. Our recommendation is to have it all. Cameras, alarms, dogs, guns, lights on timers, cars in the driveway, etc.

· Door Armor always works when the door is locked.

· Door Armor saves lives and helps to protect and secure your home.

· Door Armor installs in less than 30 minutes.

· Door Armor is an affordable one time investment.

· Police Tested and recommended.

· Door Armor is Made in the USA and backed by a $500 lifetime warranty.

· Find out for yourself why almost half a MILLION Americans have trusted Door Armor to help protect their home and give them added piece of mind.


· Latest numbers from the FBI were more than 900,000 burglaries last year. 1 in 273 Americans will be a victim of a property crime every year.

· 85% of home invasions enter through the door. Criminals do not like to break glass. The noise from kick-ins are less noticeable than a glass break.

· Myth – alarms make you feel safe – Not True! Ask anyone that has had a false alarm at 2AM, the last thing you feel is safe.

· Myth – I will just shoot any intruder – Most people do not watch TV or shower with their firearm. Most shooters lose a significant amount of accuracy when in a high pressure situation like a home invasion

· It takes less than 10 seconds to kick-in any standard pre-hung door.

· National police response time is more than 20 minutes and in some area more than one hour.

· United States Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services reports that between 94 – 99% of alarms are false.

The ultimate in style & luxury technology the Baldwin TouchScreen will keep your home secure at the touch of your finger. Simply activate the screen with your palm or the back of the hand  and enter a four- to eight-digit code for easy unlocking. Users can program up to 16 codes while the Z-Wave version expands to 30 codes, for family, guests and service professionals. Additionally, the one-touch locking capability provides for quick departures requiring no key or code to lock the door.

The Baldwin TouchScreen is available as a stand-alone product or with Z-Wave technology to provide maximum choices. Baldwin Touchscreen with Z-Wave technology works with Amazon Alexa when connected to SmartThings, Wink or a similar Smart Home Hub. Use your phone to monitor lock status, check history and remotely lock and unlock your keyless door lock.

The Baldwin TouchScreen electronic offering is available in two deadbolt styles, Minneapolis and Boulder and in 17 finishes. It can be paired with three coordinating handleset grips for a signature look.

The TouchScreen combines SecureScreen™ with bold Baldwin design to create a simple electronic solution. SecureScreen technology provides additional security by employing random digits prior to entering your personal code to prevent fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface.

Touchscreen Deadbolt

Touchscreen Handleset

SimpliSafe’s mission is to make every home secure. SimpliSafe has pioneered a new way to make home the safest place on earth for everyone.


Whole Home Protection:

SimpliSafe protects more than one million homes throughout the United States against everything from intruders to fires, water damage, and more.

Products are designed to disappear into your home while blanketing it with protection — whether it’s the tiny size of our sensors or easy one-touch control.


Disrupting Traditional Home Security:

Wireless security — meaning no drilling or landline required

DIY install — meaning it’s delivered right to your door (contactless) and easy to set up yourself; especially during the pandemic, there’s a huge value to not having to call upon a technician for install.

24/7 professional monitoring (available with subscription) — meaning emergency personnel will be notified if there’s trouble

No contracts — meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time based on your needs

Fair and honest prices


Shown on tv:

The Haven:

● $489, includes 14 pieces

● Includes everything you need to stop water damage and fires, two of the most frequent and expensive home insurance claims

● Starts the Base Station, the brains of the system: if someone tries to break in, the Base Station alerts SimpliSafe’s monitoring center, then sounds a loud (105dB) siren; built with a backup battery in case of a power outage

● The Wireless Keypad with hidden panic button can be placed anywhere you like

● Entry Sensors protect doors and easily accessed windows

● Motion Sensors detect intruders, each covering an entire room or hallway

● Includes a Panic Button; if you’re home during an intrusion, one touch triggers an alarm and dispatches police

● A Temperature Sensor alerts you to drops below 41 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing *especially important this time of year!

● A Water Sensor alerts you to potential leaks and floods

● A Smoke Detector senses early to dispatch the fire department before a full-blown fire breaks out


Additional Products:

● SimpliCam allows you to see what’s happening at home anytime from a phone, tablet or computer with built-in alerts when motion is detected

● Smart Lock makes sure your door is always locked, even if you forget; automatically locks when you arm your system or on a timer and can be controlled from your phone

● Video Doorbell Pro proactively alerts you when someone’s at the door, with a wide view, you can see everything happening out front day or night

● Glassbreak Sensors are perfectly calibrated to pick up the sound of a smashed window

24/7 Professional Monitoring:

● Like having a personal security guard in front of your house

● Specialists watch over your home day and night, ready to alert the authorities when you need help

● No contracts required

Flexible products and packages — meaning they have you covered from your city apartment that you’re renting to your 4,000 square foot home + garage

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