Skip is back with more great ideas to spruce up your home with a new look, and not spend a lot of money.  You can change your floor and walls in a day with peel and stick paper and tiles, new stylish bathroom ceiling fan and easy-to-clean removable toilet seats.



WallPops is the leading brand for removable peel and stick decorative and functional solutions. Offering the most fashionable options for any home decorating project, WallPops has your back with stylish, functional, and affordable decor.

Their peel and stick NuWallpaper come on the highest quality material available, which won’t damage walls or waste your time with difficult installation or removal. These allow you to add pattern and design to any flat, dry surface in your home, not just walls. They even offer a narrower version of the product specifically designed to spruce up narrower spaces, like backsplashes. They also offer peel and stick resin tiles under the inHome label. These tiles replicate the most luxurious ceramic tile effects, all for a small fraction of the price and an extremely easy install process, just peel & stick!


  • Easy Install – Simply peel off the backing and stick to your wall
  • Damage Free – Doesn’t damage walls & leaves no sticky residue
  • Renter Friendly – Safe to use in rental homes, apartments, dorms, & offices
  • No Mess – No paste. No water.
  • Cost Effective -Each roll covers 30 sq. ft.
  • Not Just for Walls – Use on furniture, DIY projects & more


  • Easy to use and durable
  • No messy grout or special tools needed!
  • Tiles are water resistant and washable.
  • Cost-effective flooring update!
  • The fastest way to a new floor! Peel and stick vinyl floor tiles come in a variety of designs to fit many decor styles.

Broan LED Grille Upgrade – the fastest DIY LED lighted upgrade.

Broan®, a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality and design solutions that keep kitchens cleaner, bathrooms fresher, and the whole house healthier, came up with a way to instantly upgrade the look of a room in 5 minutes or less. Broan is proud to introduce the LED Grille Upgrade – the fastest DIY LED lighted upgrade.

True to its name: See Your Space in a Whole New Light Without Calling A Professional · The Broan FG600S Quick-Change LED Grille Upgrade is built for the DIY-Lite; allowing even the most novice of DIY’ers to upgrade their non-lighted or tired bath fan into a sleek, illuminating fan/light with LED lighting. · The installation process can be completed in 4 easy steps thanks to a quick connect pass‐thru plug: Simply remove old grill and unplug motor, choose an included grille spring that fits your model, plug the new grille into the fan receptacle and the motor into the grille’s pass‐thru plug, and push up.

BROAN has the answers all your readers’ vent fan DIY questions with this new interactive site tool. Users can find the right Broan solution for their home using simple selector tools, FAQ’s, Fit-Finder and how-to’s.

A dingy and discolored fan grille/cover can be an eye sore to your updated bathroom. And a loud or noisy fan can keep you from using it. Keep every corner looking and smelling fresh with a new Broan or NuTone fan grille.

With various styles, a color that matches the most common ceiling white, lighting options, and a 5 minute or less install time, it’s one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable bathroom upgrades you’ll make.

Is Your Current Grille/Cover Dirty, Dingy and Lacking Features?

Explore all the upgrade options: Broan and NuTone fan grilles come with a variety of easy-to-install features, including lighting options. See what’s available to meet your needs and tastes.

Find your Fit: We work hard to make sure our products are compatible so that you have many options to easily update. Simply select the image that looks like your current bath fan and we’ll let you know which grille/covers will fit your bath fan … giving you the easiest DIY ever.


Smell better, Sound better: Unlike wireless speakers that require counter space, Sensonic™ speakers with Bluetooth® wireless technology fill your room with rich sound from above, all while improving the air you breathe. From hard rock to news talk, play any audio through the dual high-fidelity speakers and enjoy entertainment and privacy at the touch of a button.

· Quiet, Powerful QT Ventilation Fan

· Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic™ Speakers

· Bluetooth® wireless technology

· Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille

· Play any audio through most Bluetooth®-enabled devices

Easy Installation: Available as a quiet ventilation fan with speaker or adjustable accessory kit. If you already have a Broan or NuTone QT Series ventilation fan, a Sensonic Speaker Kit can be retrofitted to deliver the same high-end stereo performance.

Both configurations provide wireless technology to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Bemis Affinity and Push ‘n Clean seats.

*Both seats feature the following:

These revolutionary seats were inspired by the needs of the everyday user. Bemis’s studies show over 85 percent of consumers value stability, while 80 percent also desire hygiene and cleanability.

Both seats allow for complete removal for easy cleaning, the difference are in the hinges.

Improve daily use and cleaning by eliminating harsh noises and pinched fingers with Whisper∙Close® no-slam design and Super Grip™ bumpers for greater stability.

Bemis’ innovative STA-TITE® Seat Fastening System™ prevents loosening by staying firmly attached the toilet.

Precision Seat Fit™, which provides front-to-back adjustability for the perfect toilet bowl fit to easily adapt to any round or elongated toilet.

All Bemis toilet seats are made in the USA with earth-friendly materials and processes.

Affinity features Bemis’s next generation hinge system that makes the seat easy to install and remove.Easy•Clean™ hygienic seat design allows users to completely remove the seat to easily access and clean hard-to-reach areas; simply slide the hinge cap and lift the toilet seat to thoroughly clean both the seat and bowl.

Push n’ Clean’s innovative hygienic seat design allows users to remove the seat with a simple push and lift motion to easily access and clean hard-to-reach areas; simply open both the lid and ring into an upward position, push the seat down to release, and lift off.

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