Walmart has everything you need for your Easter dinner and baskets – AT LAST YEARS’ PRICES!!  Go to for everything you need to celebrate!

Walmart is helping customers celebrate Easter without compromise by offering an entire Easter meal for 8-10 people and full Easter gift basket at last year’s price. Customers can purchase both offerings for under $100 total at Walmart this season.


· Food prices remain high across the board due to inflation and saving money remains a top priority for consumers, especially when planning important celebrations, like Easter. In fact, Walmart found that 65% of consumers expect inflation to have an impact on their Easter celebrations.

· Walmart is committed to keeping prices low every day, and that’s never more important than during important holiday celebrations. That’s why this year, Walmart worked hard to bring down costs and offer an entire Easter meal and traditional Easter basket at the same price as last year.

· Everything you see on tv with Skip, when purchased together at Walmart, will cost the same price as 2022. This Easter, these cost savings will ensure you’re able to spend less time worrying about how you’ll set the table and more time celebrating with friends and loved ones.

· With the full assortment of items, customers can expect to make a delicious Easter meal for 8-10 people. All the classics are there, from spiral cut ham to green beans and cherry pie. Whether celebrating over brunch with friends or pulling together a delectable dinner to enjoy with your family, you’ll find plenty of essentials for your Easter meal, that can be purchased together for last year’s price at Walmart.

Easter Basket:

· No Easter celebration is complete without a wow-worthy basket for the little ones. Walmart knows how essential Easter baskets are for its customers, which is why the retailer didn’t stop at just the meal – customers can purchase all items for a traditional Easter gift basket at last year’s price ( under $100!) while shopping Walmart this Easter.

· Walmart knows what customers are looking for when putting together an Easter basket, and this one includes all the favorites. It has an assortment of toys, Peeps dough, a Reese’s Pieces carrot bag, M&M’s pastel mix, and even a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bunny (and more!)

· Everything inside, from the toys and candy to the decorative grass and even the basket itself, can be purchased together at Walmart for last year’s price.

While saving money is a top priority for shoppers this Easter holiday, Walmart cares about saving customers precious time, as well. Customers can visit to shop all the items for the Easter meal and gift basket.

Both offerings are available for curbside pick-up and delivery and can be purchased at your local Walmart store.

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