Frame the backyard with beautiful/durable fence options from CertainTeed with SimTek and BuffTech options, Get it organized in style with Tuff Shed, all beautifully crafted with style, durability and the best performance.


CertainTeed Fences

  • CertainTeed has been providing innovative and sustainable building products for more than 110 years. Curb appeal and performance are important considerations in choosing the right exterior products for a home. You can transform your ordinary outdoor area into an extraordinary exterior living space that adds value and shows off your personal style.
  • CertainTeed fence solutions are engineered for outstanding strength, low maintenance and long-lasting beauty thanks to innovative colors, styles, and textures. You don’t need to stick with traditional wood fence. Vinyl fence has all the good things about wood without the headaches. All CertainTeed fence products are made in the USA.
  • Maintenance is as easy as washing off dirt and dust with a garden hose. Vinyl fence is actually less expensive than wood fence. Although investing in a vinyl fence may cost you more initially, this is where your expense ends. Bufftech® and SimTek® fence never need painting or staining, won’t chip, peel, crack or splinter and won’t rot or support mold growth.
    • Bufftech®: From backyard privacy to sophisticated styling, Bufftech vinyl fence offers the industry’s widest range of styles, colors, and textures. Manufactured using extrusion technology from premium quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which provides exceptional impact strength and will not rot, warp, split or splinter. Offers ColorLast™ fade protection for superior color retention, a state-of-the-art acrylic formulation that provides superior protection from the harsh rays of the sun.
    • SimTek known for its beautiful, rustic fences, EcoStone is patented and simulates a stone fence. Benefits are superior performance and the realistic appearance of stone. In recent years, SimTek has complemented its signature EcoStone with the Ashland™ Collection of wood grain fence panels. Homeowners can choose from realistic looking stone or cedar models, each offering superior performance and durability.
      • Bufftech® Breezewood Select Cedar Semi-Private Vinyl Fence: Bufftech Breezewood vinyl fence with Select Cedar texture adds a fresh, modern look to any landscape with contemporary horizontal pickets. Weathered Blend on display.
      • Bufftech®  Brookline Vinyl Privacy Fence: Bufftech Brookline vinyl privacy fence offers homeowners a durable, contemporary privacy fence featuring steel reinforcement for added support. Two textures – Smooth or CertaGrain®  Arctic Blend on display.
      • Bufftech® Imperial Vinyl Semi-Private Privacy Fence: A vertical semi-private fence, Imperial offers the perfect blend of functionality and style with a thru-picket “good neighbor” design that is equally attractive on both sides. Two textures – Smooth or Select Cedar. Brazilian Blend on display.
      • Bufftech® Chesterfield Vinyl Privacy Fence: CertaGrainTM authentic woodgrain texture that replicates the look and feel of true wood craftsmanship, yet offers the easy maintenance that can come only with vinyl.  Sierra Blend on display.
      • SimTek® Fence: Ashland™ and EcoStone® Collections: SimTek is CertainTeed’s newest fence brand, featuring two eco-friendly varieties, Ashland™ and EcoStone.
      • The EcoStone collection: Looks like real granite for a classic stone wall appearance without the high maintenance. Black Granite on display.


  • Tuff Shed buildings are built like little houses. For most of us, it’s not every day that we buy a shed…so you want to make sure your investment lasts. And you can just see the quality and durability in this Tuff Shed building.   
  • Check out the door for instance. It’s the one moving part on every shed…and this one is unique in the industry. It’s super heavy-duty, with exclusive features like the handle and hinges. Listen to how it sounds when you slam it shut! 
  • DOOR: You don’t want your door to warp or sag…because then it won’t close properly. This Tuff Shed door is so sturdy you can grab ahold of it and do a pull-up.
  • STYLISH: Since we’re talking about having this building in the backyard, you also want it to have some style…and even match your home. That’s one of the really cool things about these Tuff Shed buildings, you can change and accessorize them pretty much however you want, like making the roof pitch steeper, adding metal roofing, designing a paint scheme…you name it. Let’s go inside the building. Look at the room in here, it’s even got radiant barrier roofing to keep it cooler inside.  And this workbench….just imagine the backyard projects that could unfold right here.
  • SIZE: Yards differ in size, and you can make this building larger, smaller, different roof types.  This building is 8 feet by 12 feet. Tuff Shed’s most popular size is a 10×12. The bigger the building, the more storage possibilities. There are even two-story Tuff Shed buildings!
  • Tuff Shed Sundance Series buildings, like the one featured on FOX & Friends, are available exclusively at The Home Depot