It’s National Gardening Month, 2020, and there’s no better time than now to get a garden started!  You can stay home and grow your own food, and even start an ornamental garden to beautify your home!  Skip has some great products to show you all that you will need to do it like the pros!

It’s time to get up and garden! Burpee has everything you need to create a successful, beautiful garden. Check out to order your favorite products and find tips, videos and guides to get started.  They have delivered the finest quality, non-GMO varieties in home gardening for over 140 years, and are a company of gardeners, for gardeners, and guarantee each and every product.  Grow confidently knowing that Burpee’s team of horticulture experts is with you every step of the way.

Zesty Zinnia Mix- Vigorous, fast-growing, well-branched plants create a wall of sensuous color.

In positive psychology, zest is one of humankind’s 24 strengths—the courage that brings energy, excitement and anticipation to life. Our plucky, spirited ‘Zesty’ zinnia produces a rising tide of glowing color. Double-blossomed flowers eager beavers fill out a border fast with vigorous bushes that are easy to grow, happy in all types of weather, including intense heat.

Turnip, Silky Sweet Hybrid-  Elegant new turnip is a radiant beauty, with silky skin and delectable sweet flavor.

‘Silky Sweet’ judo flips the turnip—and reinvents the apple! A satiny touch, crispy texture and surprising sweetness make it seductively snacky. Healthful too, with magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and folate. Sow in the garden early spring and late summer for bushels of 2½–3″ snow-white orbs of delight. “How do you like them turnips?”–prod500775.html

Lavender, Phenomenal- The toughest Lavender ever.

Lavender has extraordinary evocative power, intoxicating us with flowers’ saturated blue, silvery foliage, and head-spinning fragrance. ‘Phenomenal’, a new cultivar, is the toughest lavender there is: tolerating heat and humidity, resistant to root and foliar diseases, deer proof, and, most extraordinary, surviving winter. With flowers perfect for fresh and dried arrangements, fragrant 24” plants are lovely in the cottage garden, the border or patio. Blooms best after vernalization. U.S. Plant Patent #24,193.


Vegepod does it all – stops the animals, protects from the weather, self-waters and provides growth rates that need to be seen to be believed.

· Durable & food-safe

· Container garden

· Self-watering

· Protective cover

· Mist-spray watering system

· Accelerated growth rates

· Easily raised to waist height

· Extended growing seasons

Available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium & Large

The only thing the Vegepod doesn’t do is cook your veggies for you!  It’s a winner –

Seeding Square is a game-changer when it comes to growing vegetables!   You don’t need to know that lettuces need six inches of space, or that peas need three. This innovative garden tool has all the spacing needs of each type of plant done for you. It simplifies the planting process and ensures you sow seeds at just the right distance apart – helping you to maximize growth in a limited space. Did we mention it’s color-coded and fun to use?

Optimized space means good things for you!

1. Every plant in your garden will be perfectly organized

2. Weeding is simplified as weeds are easy to spot

3. As your veggie plants grow, weeds get crowded out. There simply isn’t room for them.

4. No wasted space = less exposed soil = reduced water evaporation = less water needed

5. Your harvest will be 2-5 times that of traditional row gardening

Just Press, Poke and Plant

Press your Square into the soil. It leaves a square-foot impression behind. This lets you line up each press of the Square, ensuring no wasted space.

Poke the dibber into the color-coded holes according to the planting chart, for the type of vegetable you want to grow.

Plant your seeds using the seed spoon and funnel to ensure no escapees! For seedlings, use the poked holes to mark where to plant.

Pro tip: Larger gardens can still have rows – just stamp-and-plant the same type of vegetable over and over, creating a row.

Great for all ages and experience levels… and all sizes of garden!

Beginners, pros, enthusiasts and kids, Seeding Square seed spacer is fun and easy to use for everyone. It works great for all types and size of garden, including:

· family/kids garden

· classroom garden

· raised bed garden

· garden box

· community garden

· garden plot

· basically, if you want to grow vegetables, Seeding Square is a must-have!

Pro Tip: If you have a larger garden, you can “leap frog” 2 Seeding Squares as you plant your garden to reduce planting time.

Everyone loves fresh picked veggies

The end game: those delicious home-grown fresh-picked vegetables. Nothing tastes quite so good! But don’t forget – growing your own food also means you know how (and with what) your veggies are fertilized – and ultimately, what ends up on your kitchen table.

Super durable

We made Seeding Square with durability in mind. You only need to buy it once, and it will be planting gardens for years to come! The compact and lightweight design can be conveniently stored after use and cleaned with a garden hose or in the sink.

Grow food and make memories

If you’re planting with Little-Green-Thumbs, they will love the bright colored holes, the dibber for poking, and the spoon for scooping those tiny seeds. Even if gardening is new for the whole family, Seeding Square will have your garden planted perfectly and sprouting seeds with precision spacing.

Seeding Square, the square-foot seeding template helps you maximize growth in limited space. The concept is based off the popular gardening method: Square Foot Gardening, whereby seeds are sown in specific positions within a square foot, allowing enough room for each to grow to maturity without wasting space. Simple to use, the template shows correct seed spacing with color-coded holes matched to a planting chart of 46 types of fruits and vegetables (from carrots to pumpkins), allowing you to quickly know where to drop seed or seedling. As each square foot is planted with a single type of vegetable seed and harvested when ready, Seeding Square allows for ease of replanting and crop rotation for those looking to increase their yield even further!

Seeding Square Includes:

· Color-coded seeding template (one square foot)

· Instructions & Planting Guide (extra copies can be printed off the website)

· Magnetically stored seed-dibber/dibbler with depth markings and seeding-spoon

· Funnel

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