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Vegepod is a game changing raised garden bed kit, that makes growing veggies easy for anyone, anywhere. Vegepod was founded in Australia and was successful on Shark Tank. The Vegepod has many features such as a self-watering wicking bed, a protective cover that keeps out the critters and a mist-irrigation system that comes included. Vegepod just makes it easy – start growing your food today!

Vegepod Info & Product Features/Benefits

  • World’s leading raised garden bed
  • 3 sizes
    • Great for small condos, balconies rooftops, backyards, farms
    • A size to fit everyone
  • Self-Watering wicking beds
    • Lasts 3 weeks in summer if you forget to water or go away
    • Very low maintenance
    • 80% less watering required
    • Also collects the nutrients which are absorbed back up
  • Protective Cover 
    • Keeps out the critters, rabbits, birds, squirrels, deer, raccoons, even bugs and slugs
    • Protects from the elements, really hot days, takes the edge off, protects from the cold – especially with the hot house cover
  • Mist-Irrigation System
    • Mist spray, comes included, you can even hook up a timer and make it fully automatic if you want!
  • The stands & trolley
    • Raised to waist height
    • Can move it around with ease!
    • Accessible for the elderly
    • Wheelchair accessible 
    • Great for the kids, Vegepods in heaps of schools

Vegebag Info & Product Features/Benefits 

  • The Vegepod’s younger brother, encompasses a lot of the key features of the Vegepod
  • World’s leading raised garden bed it won Garden product of the year at the prestigious Chelsea Flower show in 2021
  • Self-watering wicking bed also – for 10 days in summer
  • Keeps out the critters & protects from the elements
  • Easily move around with drag handles
  • Hard flat base
  • Easily zip closed
  • Flat packs down


SOIL BASED – NOT Hydro!)) Whether you are a green thumb, black thumb or anything in between, we have made it simple! Unlike Hydroponics, where the plants are grown with chemicals – the Kitchen Garden uses soil, the way mother nature intended.

Ease of use & growing flexibility The Kitchen Garden is super easy to use just lift the light hood, fill with soil and plant away. No assembly required! Whether you want to grow from seeds or seedlings, you can plant anything you want from your favourite herbs, salad greens and even full grown veggies! The kitchen garden can fit up to 24 different plants at one time!

Self-Watering The Kitchen Garden solves the two key problems every gardener faces. Overwatering and underwatering. In the base, there’s a built in self watering wicking system. it doesn’t matter if you forget to water or go away on vacation – it will water itself for 6-8 weeks at a time.

The LED Light – Amazing growth rates, life-time on light, Uses little power, control with app, easy and convenient)The Kitchen Garden includes a 6400K full spectrum LED strip light, which provides the fastest growth rates for indoor growing, for less than 0.04c per year. The light can be controlled by an app on your phone wherever you are. Which makes it easy and convenient whether you’re out for the night or even on vacation!

Design – The nice aesthetic look of it, durability & lifetime, significant growing area, high quality materials)Every Kitchen Garden is produced with the highest quality materials, available in both black and white. The planter is made from polypropylene (which is BPA free and food safe meaning you can grow 100% organic food). A great benefit is that you can save on your inflated grocery bills. We estimate that you could save on average $500 per year by growing your own food with the Kitchen Garden. In todays times with inflation where it is, that is a winner.

Grow anywhere you want, Look of it, Money Saving, Health. With the versatility of the Kitchen Garden, you can grow anywhere you want! In the Kitchen, Dining room, bedroom, basement – wherever you want! As we are growing indoors, you can even grow in the middle of winter!

Here is the link to shop: https://vegepod.com/collections/all-products Or, if you prefer to Shop on AMAZON, click here

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The Readywise Seed Bucket contains 39 different varieties of hand-selected non-hybrid, non-gmo, open-pollinated vegetable seeds. With up to a 10 year shelf life, these seeds will be the ultimate tool in your preparedness kit. All 39 varieties of seed have been hand-selected and packaged in its own mylar foil bag, and each kit contains more than 4,500 Heirloom Seeds.

ShelterLogic Direct offers a variety of greenhouse brands from small backyard structures and raised garden beds by Miracle-Gro, Grow-IT and Arrow to large, configurable high-tunnel commercial kits by ShelterTech. Visit www.shelterlogic.com to learn more.

GrowIT® Greenhouse-in-a-Box & b) High Tunnel Greenhouse, Full Kit.

The GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box® with Easy-Flow™ roll-up side vents delivers quality construction, quick and easy assembly, and best-in-class value. Ready to build out of the box, the GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box® with Easy-Flow™ features a powder-coated 1-3/8 in. steel frame with ShelterLock steel stabilizers for added strength and durability. The translucent, ripstop cover is waterproof and UV-treated, providing enhanced illumination — for plant growth and protection. Easy Slide cross rails ensure a snug cover fit while Ratchet Tite tensioning provides solid cover anchoring to the frame. Easy-Flow™ side panels and zippered half-moon end-panel vents provide airflow and temperature control.

  • Peak style design for growing plants, starting seeds and extending growing seasons.
  • Patented metal ShelterLock stabilizers for added strength and durability.
  • Powder-coated 1-3/8 in. steel frame
  • Triple-layer, heat bonded ripstop translucent cover
  • Roll-up side panels and half moons screen vents at each end provide optimal airflow and temperature control.
  • Easy Slide cross rails for a snug cover fit
  • Temporary anchors included.

An American employee-owned business that sells EVERYTHING you could possibly need to grow anything, anywhere.  Every supply and then some, they also create newer and better versions of the products you already know, and make them look prettier, as well.  Always improving on what is used, they make it fun and easy to plant and grow and love your garden.

Everything you saw on FOX with Skip was:

· Designed by Gardener’s Supply

· Exclusive to Gardener’s Supply

· You can only get it at Gardener’s Supply

· Engineered by gardeners, for gardeners

8587631 1 Elevated Planter Box, 2’x8’ Cedar, North American Cedar is rot resistant and aluminum corners & legs won’t rust, 29” high, perfect for easy, no-bend gardening, and perfect for equipping with self-watering inserts

8610798 1 2×8’ Arch Trellis for Planter Boxes, Designed to pair with our 2’8’ raised bed, it can be set up on one 2×8 or between two of any 2xX planters, Tall, 4’ aluminum frame is strong enough for tomatoes or squash, and won’t rust over time

8610250 1 Adjustable Self-Watering Insert for Pots & Planters, Exclusive, expandable design turns any raised bed or container into a self-watering unit

8594146 1 Gardener’s Lifetime Mini Trowel, Made exclusive for Gardener’s Supply by DeWit — a fourth-generation, family-owned business, Perfect for seed starting, and the perfect gift for any gardener or houseplant lover

8594007 1 Demeter Potting Bench Storm Blue, Big wheels make it easy to move around the garden, not just on paved surfaces

37-808 1 Organic Seed Starting Mix, 6 quarts, Bio-Blended Compost makes this exclusive mix, Perfect for any organic gardening

8613066 Gardeners Bext XL Seed Starting Kit Yellow or Blue, Made in the USA exclusively for Gardener’s Supply, Durable, reusable & dishwasher-safe, Self-watering system extends time between waterings

8610573 1 Deluxe Galvanized Seed Saver Kit, Galvanized construction makes this as beautiful as it is functional, 36 translucent glassine envelopes keep seeds dry

8613440 1 Oasis SW Tomato Planter w Trellis Green, Yellow or Blue, Self-watering system with 2.75 gallon reservoir & built-in overflow drainage, Easy-fill tube with helpful water-level indicator, Perfect for rooftop garden, a posh patio setup, or as a practical accent to maximize the usefulness of limited balcony space.

8594080 1 Yankee Hardy Blend Lettuce Organic Seeds

8598225 1 Evening Colors Sunflower Organic Seeds

8594088 1 Dark Green Zucchini Organic Seeds

8595733 1 Organic Sunflower Seeds

8594070 1 Napoli Carrot Organic Seeds

8610362 1 Velvet Queen Sunflower Organic Seeds

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