With inflation and food shortages, people are looking for ways to be self-sustaining.  Check out ways you can begin homesteading: growing your own fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and eggs! You won’t believe how EASY it all can be!


Raising Chickens

Growing plants with Vegepod & Readywise

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Raising chickens can be fun, and useful.  Stromberg’s shows how easy it can be to raise chickens, and has everything you need to get started, from supplies, chicks, chickens and how-to’s!

First Question is what type of birds do you want?

  • Egg Layers– These are birds that are bred specifically for egg laying.  Some can lay more than 300 eggs per year! 
  • Meat Birds– These are bred to put on weight faster and “Dress” better – meaning a nice-looking presentation at the farmers market.
  • Dual Purpose – These are bred for both butcher and egg production 
  • Ornamental  Fun to look at and watch but not the best producers. Great Pets
  • Bantams – Half the size of regular “standard” sized chickens. 

We are going to focus on egg producing birds:


Baby Chicks and Adults 

on the Plaza: 

Black Australorp – Great Dual Purpose Breed

Buff Orpington – Very tame and docile great with kids

Cream Legbar – Unique Egg color and auto sexing(the females are a different color than the males.)

Dominique-  Excellent Dual purpose

Red Sex Links – Same as the adults here.  Best Brown egg layer! 

Olive Egger – Lays olive colored eggs

Easter Eggers – Lays Blue and Green Eggs

Salmon Faverolles – Excellent Layer of cream color eggs

Bantam Silkies –  Very popular small birds.  Feathers are more like fur than feathers

Skips Pick – Skip likes the easter eggers, salmon faverolles and redsexlinks.  He likes the variety of egg color and how much they produce!  The adult birds we have with us today are the red sex links!


Egg Producing Birds: 

  • Can produce 250+ eggs per year
  • On average lay about an egg a day
  • Can lay eggs really well for two years 
  • Egg color can be predicted by the ear lobe of a chicken
    • White = White eggs 
    • Red = Brown Eggs
    • Blue = Blue Eggs
  • Can live up to 5-10 years

Baby Chicks:

Need Four things to Survive

  1. Space
  2. Heat 
  3. Food 
  4. Water 


  • Birds go into a brooder for the first 4-6 weeks
    • It is heated so they can grow their feathers
    • Plan for ½ square foot per chick

Skips pick Collapsible Chick Brooder! He likes it because he gets to watch the baby birds.  Just don’t use it in a drafty room!   When your done it collapses flat for easy storage! 


Baby chicks need heat, they cannot regulate their body temp until they grow their feathers. 

  • Baby chicks like it best if they are at around 95 degrees
  • Many different heater styles
    • Most popular is the radiant heat brooder. 
      • Birds get free choice to go in and out of the heat
      • CONSERVES electricity

Skips Pick – He likes the Comfort Brooder, the radiant style heater or heat plate style.  Because it more closely mimics what a momma hen does!  He also likes it because it saves energy.  It uses less than a QUARTER of the energy of a traditional heat source!


Baby Chicks Need higher protein feed just like a puppy.  They also need little chick sized feeders because they are so small. 

  • A good feeder is easy to clean and easy to fill
    • Gets rid of the older feed first
  • Give your chicks a vitamin supplement when they arrive.  IT HELPS!!

Skips pick for a chick FEEDER – Turbo Feeder it holds a lot so he doesn’t have to fill it frequently and its also easy to fill!

Skips pick for chick supplement Peck and Grow – – The chicks love it and it has all they need for a great start.  Probiotics for good gut health, vitamins and hydration.  Great for right when you get your chicks!


  • Baby birds need water
  • Easier to clean the better
  • The best requires minimal cleaning. 
  • The birds stay healthier if they always have a clean supply of water 

Skips pick for a chick waterer – The 1 Liter Waterer baby chick nipple waterer!  Its great because the chicks always get clean water!  Dirty water is one of the biggest causes of disease in baby chicks!

Full Grown Birds – Need

Chicken Coop

    • Size 3-4 square foot per bird
    • Need Perches for them to sleep
      • 1 foot per bird
    • Easy to clean
    • Ventilated properly for the birds
    • Predator proof!
      • Coons etc.
      • Use an auto chicken coop door! 
        • Opens at dawn closes at dusk. 
        • The birds will automatically know how to use it. 
    • We have step by step plans available. 

Skips Pick – Flock Fortress!  He likes it because how sturdy it is.  It also packs all the great features from large coops into a smaller version!  Its made from treated lumber rated safe for playgrounds which means its safe for you birds and will last a long time! 

  • Outdoor space (the RUN)

    • The bigger the better!
    • Make sure this is predator proof as well!  Day time predators.

Skips Pick –  Walk in Run – 6’ X 9’   He likes it because its big enough for your birds to really get some exercise, its predator proof and he can get into it!  Also with the avian flu they are recommending your birds don’t mix with other birds and this does the trick containing them from wild birds! 

Feeders –


    • Big enough for all the birds
    • Feed Saving grills
      • Feed is biggest expense buy a feeder that will help you save money. 
    • Easy to clean, easy to fill

Skip’s Pick – Hanging Feeder Skip likes it because it fits really well in his smaller coop and its easy to fill  and can hang or sit on the coop floor.  The biggest benefit it has a feed saver grill that reduces feed loss!!  Saving you money!


    • Traditional Waterers
      • Big enough for you birds
      • If they run out of water 
        • Birds will get stressed
        • Stop laying Eggs
        • Go into a molt

Skip’s Pick – For traditional waterer is this small Three Gallon Metal Waterer.  Fits in his smaller coop and its sturdy. 

    • Automatic Waterers
      • Some don’t need cleaning. 
      • Hook directly to a hose. 

Skip’s Pick – For hot summer months when you don’t want to run out of water!  He picks the Drink Stick and Hose Adapter with cups!  Easy for the birds to use and minimal cleaning.  Hook it straight to your hose with an adapter!

Laying the EGGS

    • You need nest boxes
      • Roll out nest boxes are the best
      • Keep eggs clean
      • Don’t let the chickens eat their own eggs
    • Birds lay the most consistently if they have 15 hours of daylight
    • Feed them a proper egg laying recipe of feed at 17 weeks so they have the nutrients to produce the eggs.  LOTS of CALCIUM
    • Don’t forget how to package them
      • Egg baskets to carry
      • Egg cartons to give away your eggs to friends and family
      • Washers to wash them! 
      • Frying pans to fry them!

Skip’s Pick – Printed Egg cartons and an Egg Basket! You have to have something to give away your beautiful eggs and you need to collect them! 

Egg Cartons

Egg Handling

Egg Baskets

Egg Signs

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  • Mist-Irrigation System
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  • The stands & trolley
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    • Great for the kids, Vegepods in heaps of schools


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