It’s January, when New Year’s resolutions are on the line!  Most people resolve to get healthy and fit… Here’s a way to find your way to that on the inside and out!

Bowflex has dedicated over 30 years to designing innovative home fitness solutions.  

From exercise bikes to treadmills and strength training equipment, Bowflex products are compact and versatile to meet your individual fitness goals and fit home gyms of all sizes. Visit to learn more. 

  • Bowflex offers the top-selling, one-of-a-kind Bowflex Max Trainer, award-winning, dual mode Bowflex VeloCore indoor cycling bike, and popular Bowflex SelectTech strength training line. 
  • Plus, a JRNY digital fitness membership offers voice-coached custom workouts, trainer-led workouts, and access to your own entertainment subscriptions like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+.  
  • Your JRNY membership also offers access to Explore the World routes, where you can travel at your own speed through 50+ stunning virtual courses, with or without a virtual coach.  
  • Whether practicing mindfulness from your home with trainer-led yoga classes or getting your body moving with Pilates classes – all workouts are tracked and saved in your JRNY journal. 
  • New JRNY customers will receive a one-year complimentary membership by visiting 

The problem

  • 9 out of 10 Americans are not getting enough fruit and vegetables in their current diets
  • The average American consumes 300 cals a day in soft drinks
  • 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated on a weekly basis

What is Vitapod?

  • Vitapod is a healthy hydration business making health taste great for all Americans.
  • Vitapod drinks were formulated by a board of doctors with over a 100 years of research and development, with nutrients supported by over 100 clinical trials.
  • Each pod provides your key nutrients which are lost in the average diet plus further key actives based on different benefits from Beauty, Immunity, Energy and Sports.
  • Vitapod drinks start at $0.57 per 17 fl oz serving making it not only healthier and tastier than the competition but much better value being a brand created truly for all Americans

Why the Pod?

  • Just like in nature, these pods are used to encase these vital blends and protect them from harmful environments such as moisture, uv light and oxygen, ensuring every time you make a drink, its fresh, tastes great and is at maximum level of goodness for your body.
  • Our pods are fully recyclable and are 1/16th the plastic compared to single-use plastic bottles
  • No other product can say all this which makes Vitapod truly a market leader in healthy hydration.


  • 0g of sugar and less than 5 cals across the majority of their drinks
  • All natural with no artificial flavoring or sweeteners


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