Skip and Alison Bedell were honored to join the ranks of fellow TV hosts from the HGTV and DIY networks to be superheroes for a day for an extended layout for HOSS magazine.

As seen below: James Young II, Jeff Devlin, Tyler Wisler, Sara Bendrick, Chris Grundy, Skip Bedell, Anthony Carrino, Damon Bennett, Kayleen McCabe and Alison Bedell

Photo Credit: Richard Sibbald

Click below for the “making of a cover” video:

Click here to see the full HOSS issue!

It was race day for Skip and Alison Bedell when they competed against their fellow tv hosts as seen on the HGTV and DIY networks! The gang was GoKart racing at Mosport Race Track outside Toronto, in Canada, the day after their HOSS magazine cover shoot.