Holiday gift giving is hard enough when you have to come up with what to buy for all your loved ones!  Skip Bedell makes it easier with these great last minute gift ideas for men, women, kids and pets!


Milwaukee Tools is one of Skip’s favorite brands when it comes to heated gear!  You’ve seen him wear the jackets – and this year they have a quilted vest for men and women that is lighter, comfortable and just as warm as the rest!  This year, Milwaukee premiered their new fleece lined hats too!  What a GREAT gift!!!!!

M12 AXIS VestThe MILWAUKEE® M12™ Heated AXIS™ Vests are more durable, built to layer, and designed to protect from the cold. The AXIS™ vests are wind and water resistant and powered by M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery technology. They include a quick-heat function that lets users feel the heat 3X faster and the carbon fiber heating technology creates and distributes heat to the chest and back of the vests. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes, each come with the M12™ Compact Charger and Portable Power Source for ideal on-the-go charging via micro-USB in wall outlets, vehicles, or computers.

Milwaukee Fleece Hats : The Milwaukee Fleece Lined Knit Hat features a fleece band around the ears to block wind and provide extra warmth in cold conditions. It’s durable 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex construction resists snagging and manages moisture to help prevent sweating and overheating. The beanie style hat is one size fits all and machine washer and dryer friendly.

Goatskin Leather Gloves  The Milwaukee® Goatskin Leather Gloves are designed with a comfortable top grain leather and reinforced palm that lasts longer. They feature the SMARTSWIPE knuckle designed to allow the use of touch screens without removing the gloves. Additionally, the keystone thumb provides a comfortable fit. These heavy-duty leather work gloves are equipped with a pull tab for easy on and off


  • USB Rechargeable 800 Lumen Compact Flashlight  The Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable 800L Compact Flashlight delivers uncompromised power in a portable, pocket-size. This flashlight features 800 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output with a bulls-eye beam that gives users the ability to see up to 150-meters (492 feet). Optimized for pocket-portability, the compact size allows users to easily take lighting anywhere they go. The flashlight features an intelligent, multi-functional button that provides battery charge status, mode selection and mode memory and provides 3X faster charge time with the REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0 battery.
  • Headlamp The Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp features a thin 1” light head that delivers a wide flood beam and 600 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output. With the battery pack positioned in the rear, this headlamp offers maximum maneuverability in tight spaces and a balanced design for all-day use. Versatile for all headwear, it features a sweat-absorbing microfiber strap for bare head comfort, and hard hat clips for a secure connection to all hardhats. Water and dust resistant, this headlamp can withstand up to 2M drops and the toughest conditions on and off the jobsite.
  • USB Pivoting Flashlight  The Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable Pivoting Flashlight is a high output light for any task from any position. It features spot and flood beam modes allowing it to change from a high-powered flashlight to a versatile task light with the press of a button. In flood mode, the LED flashlight’s 110° pivoting light head and magnet base allows you to use the task light hands-free while directing the light exactly where you need it.  This flashlight features 500 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition output powered by REDLITHIUM™ USB batteries.
  • USB Pivoting Rover The Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable ROVER™ Pivoting Flood Light delivers best-in-class 550 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Light Output. This floodlight is built to adapt with a 210° pivoting head of rotation to direct high output light to any work surface. The wide magnetic base mounts to metal for hands-free task lighting or position the floodlight on any common work surfaces. Its collapsible design fits into pockets and the built-in carabiner gives users the ability to clip it for easy transport. This highly versatile and portable light runs on REDLITHIUM® USB batteries via Mirco USB while they are inside the light or swap it out with an another REDLITHIUM® USB battery for virtually no downtime.

PACKOUT 3pc Set 

  • The Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box is constructed with impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners so it can withstand harsh jobsite environments. An industrial-grade extension handle and 9″ all-terrain wheels ensure the rolling tool box is easily transportable. Interior organizer trays allow for fully customizable storage making this tool box the most versatile and durable modular storage system. This system is compatible with all Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ system components and features 250 lbs. of weight capacity. 


  • The Milwaukee® M18™ PACKOUT™ Radio + Charger is equipped with 10 speakers and full-range connectivity, allowing users to stream rich sound wirelessly from over 100 feet away. This radio is fully compatible with the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System and includes AM/FM radio with 18-station presets and built-in auxiliary. This revolutionary radio + charger is built for on and off the jobsite with a sealed storage compartment equipped with mobile device storage, a built-in M18™ charger, and USB 2.1A output for mobile device charging. The PACKOUT™ Radio + Charger is water and debris-resistant, built with exterior protection on every corner.

M18 FUEL Impact Kit 

  • The M18 FUEL™ ¼” Hex Impact Driver is the fastest, most compact, and most powerful tool in its class. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless motor delivers up to 2,000in-lbs of torque and up to 30% faster driving speed increasing productivity. At only 4.59” in length, this is the most compact tool in its class, allowing more access in tight spaces. The 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ provides greater control over output speed and power, for greater versatility. The Self-Tapping Screw mode provides faster installation time by reducing stripping of fasteners. In addition to the M18 FUEL™ ¼” Hex Impact Driver this kit comes with 2 M18 HIGH OUTPUT CP 3.0 Ah Battery packs, 1 M18/M12 Charger, 1 PACKOUT 20 in. Tool-Box, a belt clip and bit holder and SHOCKWAVE IMPACT DUTY Titanium Drill Bit 15-Piece Set.

No more using a shirt, sleeve, elbow, napkin, or pen to open a door, press an elevator button, or use a touchscreen. GoldKey is an innovative touchless hand tool and stylus that is made of EPA-approved antimicrobial copper alloy that reduces 99.9% of harmful bacteria within 2 hours of exposure and continues to work even after repeated uses.

  • HAND TOOL & STYLUS  This convenient-to-carry hand tool is the best solution for distancing yourself and loved ones from germs when leaving the house. This 3-in-1 tool features a hook for opening doors, a stylus for pushing buttons and keypads, and even the ability to work on touch screens.
  • AVOID GERM HOTSPOTS  Safely touch public surfaces and fight against germs found on buttons, keypads, touch screens, and door handles!
  • ANTIMICROBIAL COPPER ALLOY  EPA-approved & 3rd party lab tested to deliver continuous and ongoing antibacterial action.  In a single independent lab test, GoldKey was shown to reduce bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus, by 99.98% on the GoldKey tool in 2-hours of exposure.
  • THE CASE IS THE KEY  Why is GoldKey better than others on the market? It includes a first-of-its-kind antimicrobial Containment Case (patent-pending). The Case is designed to conceal the GoldKey after use to avoid cross-contamination while the copper alloy works to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • BUILT TO LAST  The antimicrobial properties last for the lifetime of the product so you never have to worry about replacing the GoldKey
  • GIFT BOX Includes (1) Antimicrobial Hand Tool & Stylus, (1) Antimicrobial Containment Case, (1) Retractable Carabiner, (1) Quick Release Keychain, and 1-Year Limited Warranty by Limitless Innovations!

It is normally listed for $29.99, but will be in sale for $14.99 (50% off) for the FOX viewers!  In addition, there’s Free US Ground Shipping on orders over $29.99.  CLICK HERE TO BUY!!

SCENTBOX is an affordable and fun way for members to seek out and sample wonderful new designer fragrances each and every month.  Once you find your favorites, you can then purchase them in larger sizes.

CHOOSE YOUR SCENTS – Each month browse from over 850+ designer fragrances and choose one that you’d like to try, they’ll send you a 30-day supply (0.27 oz / 8 ml) in an elegant refillable travel spray and keepsake box.

FREE & EASY EXCHANGES:  CAN I EXCHANGE A FRAGRANCE IF I DON’T LIKE IT? Absolutely! They’re the only subscription service that allows Free Exchanges on our monthly subscription, active members are entitled to ONE exchange shipment per month (available on your last shipment only, up to a maximum of 5 exchange shipments per 12-month period.). So if you’re on our 2 choice per month plans you can exchange BOTH of them for something else, you just have to do it by creating an exchange within your account.

Each month they’ll get to choose a 30-day supply of a new designer fragrance that we’ll send right to their door (0.27 oz / 8 ml, 4 sprays a day for 31 days). We offer 3-month, 6-month and 12-month gift subscriptions.

With over 850 original designer fragrances, they’ll have access to a large inventory that will allow them to really expand their fragrance library. Including some premium high-end fragrances that are just not affordable otherwise, starting at just $44.95 for 3 months worth of fragrances!

WHAT IF I FORGET TO CHOOSE A SCENT? Don’t worry you won’t end up empty handed. If by the cut-off date you forget to choose a designer fragrance one month, they will automatically send you the fragrance of the month. Each month they choose a different feminine and masculine fragrance that we showcase, you will be defaulted to this scent based off the scent preference you chose at signup.

CAN I PICK BOTH PERFUMES AND COLOGNES? Yes! Feel free to switch it up and choose either.

Flippy is THE ORIGINAL , patented and BEST pillow stand for your tablet viewing! It has thousands and thousands of five star reviews. It was created, and patented by a husband and wife team; Bruce and Juliette. He’s an optical engineer and she’s an entrepreneur. Retails on Amazon for about $30. Everyone uses an iPad or tablet or their phone these days, especially for school or working at home, but getting the right viewing angle, and holding it, can be awkward. Flippy is your solution. It will work on the floor, on the table, in your lap sitting or on your chest or belly if you are lying down.Instead of moving your legs up and down or moving your arms up and down to get the right viewing angle try Flippy. It weighs mere ounces and has no moving parts to break. Safe for the kiddos and super helpful for any one differently abled.

YOU get comfortable first. Then let FLIPPY do the work of holding your device at the best angle for you. Need a different angle? Just flip to the next angle!
The business that makes Flippy is a certified woman owned business. They give a portion of each sale to the literacy non profit First Book and they help employ developmentally challenged adults in their warehouse.
There are three models:
Flippy Original (Super Red) – Works for phones, tablets and you can even prop your laptop on it for Zoom meetings.
Flippy Cubby (Leopard) – Same as Original but with a convenient storage cubby for reading glasses, powercords, ear buds, stylus etc.
Flippy Jr – (1 Smokey, 1 Ikat print) Scaled down version. Works great for smaller tablets or phones and is more portable. Comes with a leash and carabiner so you can attach to your backpack or use the leash to hold down your phone or device.
Tons of print and color options for everyone.

Tile is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your list, from your that significant other who always loses track of their keys, to the family member who can’t find their phone

    • Tile comes in different form factors for different use cases, like Mate for keys, Slim for wallets and Sticker for remotes.
    • Right now they have 11 fun and unique limited edition designs that are only available at 
    • Simply download the free Tile app on your phone (it works with Android and iOS), pair it with your Tile and attach to anything you want to keep track of –keys, wallet, backpack, purses, etc. 
    • It even works to find your phone — just press the Tile button and your phone will ring, even while on silent
  • ScoopFree® Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box – NOW WIFI ENABLED TO MONITOR YOUR PETS! 

    The ScoopFree® Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box automatically rakes away cat litter to eliminate scooping, cleaning and refilling for weeks. Like previous ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box models, the ScoopFree® Smart includes a health counter to track usage and note any irregularities that may signal possible health concerns like a urinary tract infection. Now connected to the My PetSafe® app, cat parents can follow from anywhere and receive immediate alerts for their pet’s litter box activity.

    Within the My PetSafe® app, pet parents can specify the number of cats they have, adjust cleaning cycles, set reminders and activate the scoop even when their cat isn’t using the litter box. The ScoopFree® Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box is available in hooded or non-hooded privacy options and the sleek design blends seamlessly with modern home décor.

    PetSafe® ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes are the only automatic litter boxes that work with crystal litter, providing five times better odor control than traditional or clumping litter by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste. With multiple varieties available, the crystal litter is 99% dust free and doesn’t stick to paws.

  • Automatic Ball Launcher

    Designed specifically for dogs who love to play fetch, the PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher can launch balls between eight and 30 feet and features nine distance and six angle settings to keep dogs engaged and entertained.

    The Automatic Ball Launcher also features a number of safety benefits. In addition to a ball detection sensor at the bottom of the launch pocket, the machine also has two different safety motion sensors. A motion sensor on the front of the unit prevents the ball from launching if a dog or person is too close, and the no-launch sensor in the front of the launch pocket keeps hands and muzzles safe by preventing a launch when an object is detected. The Automatic Ball Launcher also has an automatic sleep mode to ensure dogs get rest in between play sessions.

    For added convenience, the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher uses standard-sized tennis balls (two included) and can be used with the included power cord or 6 D-cell batteries (not included). The water-resistant unit also features a comfortable handle for easy transport

  • Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain & Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain

    The new Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain and Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain both offer a modern appearance and a quiet, bubbling flow that allows water to softly stream over the tower and entice pets. The fountains offer a 360-degree design so pets can drink from any angle of the towers or from the bowls, making the fountains excellent solutions for pets with various drinking preferences.

    The PetSafe® Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain is made from hygienic, scratch resistant ceramic material that is free of heavy metals. The PetSafe® Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain features food-grade stainless-steel material that is durable and scratch and rust resistant. Both fountains hold 60 ounces of water to ensure cats and small dogs always have a source of fresh, filtered water, and the compact design lets these fountains fit in a variety of spaces.

    The new fountains are equipped with a carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors from the water and a foam filter that captures pet hair and larger debris to ensure your pet has clean water. The constant bubbling flow of water helps to prevent bacteria growth. The tower and base of each fountain are dishwasher safe in the top rack making them easy to clean.

  • Jewel Pop Treat Holding Dog Toy

    The Jewel Pop Toy is a fun and durable treat-holding chew toy for dogs. The ring is made from tough nylon and the sparkling jewel is made from sturdy thermoplastic rubber. The Jewel Pop holds a rawhide treat ring that can be replaced again and again. Simply unscrew the jewel from the post, slip one rawhide treat ring onto the post and screw the jewel back on for long-lasting engagement with a tasty reward. The Jewel Pop Toy comes with 4 PetSafe® rawhide treat rings and refills are available in a variety of flavors. This toy is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; use the top rack for best results.

  • Treat-Holding Forever Bone Dog Chew Toy

    The PetSafe Treat-Holding Forever Bone Dog Chew Toy is a fun way to help bust boredom for even the toughest chewers. This durable bone-shaped chew toy is made from thick nylon and strong vanilla-scented rubber. The innovative SnapFit™ cups grip delicious natural rawhide treat rings and hold them in the center of the toy to provide a fun and tasty way to play longer. The raised nylon nubs and rubber ridges of the Forever Bone provide a variety of textures to appeal to different types of chewing. Available in three sizes, the Forever Bone is sure to please even the most powerful chewers. The Forever Bone comes with four natural rawhide rings; additional treat ring refills are available in natural rawhide and peanut butter flavor

  • Busy Buddy® Bristle Bone®

    Let your dog brush his own teeth while he’s having a blast playing with the PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Bristle Bone®. It has three chewing surfaces and a treat ring for your dog to chew on. The rubber nubs and nylon bristles to help stimulate gums and keep teeth clean. Designed for tough chewers, this fun toy is made from durable nylon and heavy-duty rubber. For dogs over 6 months old, the toy includes four Busy Buddy® treat ring refills and comes in four sizes. This toy is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; use the top rack for best results.

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