Get Your Pool Clean & Get Ready for Some Fun, then relax! 

Get the pool clean yourself with Pool Time Chemicals and Ryobi Pool Vacuum, then ready for some fun with Ryobi Floating Speaker & Light Show, and relax by the pool on BJ’s Outdoor Patio Furniture


Pool Time Chemicals

  • It’s Pool Season and there is no better brand for the Do It Yourself pool owner than the Pool Time brand found at The Home Depot.
  • Become Your Own Pool Maintenance, with a simple test, and the chemicals you need in your shed. Pool Time Clear Pool expert 6-Way Test Strip provides instant, accurate pool water analysis to help you keep your pool properly balanced.
  • Supported by the Pool Time Clear Pool expert water testing app you will receive free rapid water analysis, treatment plans, product recommendations, problem solving videos and test history results. Download the Pool Time Clear Pool expert app.

Pool Time Products:

    • Step 1 – Testing Products: Clear Pool Expert Test strips
    • Step 2 – Balance Products: pH Up and pH Down: Keeping the pool balanced prevents long term pool damage by protecting surfaces, it also helps improve swimmer comfort like skin and eye irritation.
    • Step 3 – Sanitize  Product: 35lb MaxBlue Chlorinating Tablets. Sanitizing your pool properly and keeping Sanitizer levels balanced is critical, this is what kills the harmful bacteria. This MaxBlue product does a little more it also helps soften the pool water and protect equipment.
    • Step 4 – Shock Product: 6pk Shock MaxBlue. Shocking weekly is important because it is the shock that kills off the organic contaminants left by things like sunscreen, body oils, urine.  In addition to weekly shocking it is good to shock after pool parties and after heavy rains to prevent algae.
    • Step 5 – Algaecide Product: MaxBlue Algaecide. Algae is the most common pool problem and the one that really can create havoc on pool owners, many pool owners use algaecide as a reactive product, but if applied weekly as a preventative treatment the likelihood you get algae goes down significantly. This is the best Algaecide on the market, it kills all types of algae, and works in 24 hours.
    • Solutions Product: Super Water Clarifier. The line of Solutions products is really meant to help if there is a problem, this product is used to help when you have cloudy pool water, which is 2nd to Algae in terms of most common and most inconvenient problems a pool owner can have.
    • MaxBlue: Three products have MaxBlue a premium line of Pool Time products that provide the same if not better quality than product found at a pool store at a much lower price point to the consumer at The Home Depot.

Ryobi Pool Accessories

  • Ryobi Underwater Stick Vacuum
    • Delivers over 1 hour of runtime giving you more than enough time to clean.
    • Its 3-liter debris canister is one of largest on the market, and the vacuum can attach to nearly all common pool poles.
    • It also features the all new TOUCHCHARGE Wireless Charging system that allows you to charge your tool wirelessly, through inductive charging.
  • Ryobi Floating Speaker/Light Show
    • Bluetooth speaker allows you to play your favorite music and put on a light show, all at the same time!
    • With 3-modes of operation, it gives you the ability to have the lights play along with your music, slowly across all colors or not at all.
    • The IPX8 waterproof, and flip resistant design make it perfect for tossing into the pool or taking out on the boat.”

BJ’s patio furniture

  • Berkley Jensen Chatham 6-Pc. Wicker Seating Set
    • Place it by the pool, this loveseat-and-chair combo helps make it easy to relax and enjoy summer.
    • All the seats are cushioned with weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric, and the coffee table boasts an eye-catching tiled design.
    • Rust-free aluminum with handwoven, all-weather wicker