Over-the-Top Holiday Decorations

It’s time to DECK the halls and DECK out your home and front yard with holiday cheer!  From beautiful lights to family-fun inflatables and innovative technology, you are sure to find something for your home that will make passer-bys stop and stare.


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·         Holiday lighting has come a long way from the big colorful bulbs. There are different sizes, colors, and with the introduction of LED bulbs, many conveniences have come along with them, as well as energy savings.

·         Whether you’re expecting a blizzard this winter or not, create a snow flurry on your home with LIGHTSHOW LED PROJECTION LIGHT SETS projection technology that’s guaranteed to catch the neighbors’ attention.

o   LightShow LED Projection Whirl-a-Motion-Snowman Light Set

§  Projects images of snowmen, snowflakes, and “Let It Snow”

§  LED technology stays cool and utilizes minimal electricity

§  Easy to stake into the ground and swivels to project the light show anywhere on your home

·         One of the newest and coolest lights this year is the CLIPLIGHTS BY LIGHTSHOW

o   Each string comes with clips attached eliminating the extra step of spacing the lights perfectly and having to secure them to the exterior of your home.

o   Products are available in both white and multi-colored LED lightbulbs.


– MARTHA STEWART LIVING SHATTER-RESISTANT ORNAMENTS – made with durable plastic, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them but you still get the look of glass. Home Depot has several collections in different colors, shapes and sizes.



·         Blow out this year’s décor by adding an inflatable character to your holiday scenery – some are even animated. Choose from a variety of small, medium, and large inflatables. Options range from 3 ft. to 11 ft. tall.

·         Setting up the inflatable is a simple, two-step process: Simply plug it in and stake it into the ground.

·         There’s a family-fun inflatable for everyone. You can even create a themed scene around Santa or your kid’s favorite characters.

Santa Theme


Kid’s Favorite Character Theme

·         Hugging Teddy Bear Inflatable – 7.5 ft tall

o   Sitting at average height, this cute teddy bear lights up your yard with energy-efficient LEDS.

o   Watch this bear come to life as its arms close to give hugs to everyone it meets.

·         Olaf with Snowgies Inflatable – 7ft tall

·         Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse Inflatable – 6.5ft tall with a rotating image projected

·         Minion Stuart with Santa Hat Inflatable – 3.5ft tall

·         Minion Stuart with Candy Cane Inflatable –

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