Yesterday, Skip showed how you can have the best outdoor kitchen designed for your yard, metal palm trees that will make your home a tropical paradise, and relaxing swings that everyone will fight to get on!  Today, he has a variety of sunrooms and outdoor rooms that will have you relaxing all year ’round.


The past two years have validated the need for indoor & outdoor living space.  Interest rates, lack of home availability & supply chain shortages have made the Home Addition solution a hugely desirable extra space option for thousands of Americans nationwide.  Four Seasons products are a much cheaper solution than traditional building and they look better!   They have pricing solutions for every budget!
  • So many style options available:
    • Glass Roof sunrooms that stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
    • Solid roof patio rooms that offer that more traditional room addition vibe
    • Studio flat roof rooms
    • Cathedral gable rooms
    • And a whole variety of conservatory options
  • They do everything start to finish – concept to completion
  • Designers come to your home free of charge
  • Leave you with a price that holds for the future, so you can pop it in the top drawer and come back to it when you’re ready
  • They take care of all the legal stuff (permits etc)
  • Build you a room that is both functional, affordable and that adds value to your home
  • Most importantly you get that extra space that you need – a home office, a home gym, a place to unwind, enlarge that kitchen, whatever space you need, Four Seasons gets it done.
  • All manufactured right here in the USA
  • You know most people work really hard to get a home for their families and with house prices still on the increase, those homes can work for the family now, maybe release some of the home equity improve the home, make it what you need it to be.
  • Many home renovations right now are hampered by getting materials in, and it tends to be across the country that we’ve heard about the cost of 2×4’s going up. Four Seasons is such a big organization that they have the materials ready to go. As soon as the projects are ready to build they’re happening…


It’s an elegant, modern solution to outdoor living that allows you to create an indoor room or an outdoor room at the touch of a button.

  • Screens will keep those pesky insects at bay and reduces the impact of pollen on us hay fever sufferers while you still get to enjoy that feeling of being outdoors
  • A little too warm, turn on the cool mist and soft breeze climate system which means you can really enjoy your LifeRoom on even the hottest of days.
  • You can add a heating system so if you’re in the colder parts of the country, right there you’re extending the season and enjoying your backyard longer
  • Here’s where we amp up the party atmosphere, cool blue LED’s create the perfect spot to entertain or simply relax. It’s like having your own personal VIP spa retreat that become the hottest joint in the neighborhood!
  • Four Seasons created the LifeRoom with their international team of engineers and designers with over 20 patents to their credit, so you get to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outdoors and it’s backed up with a whole bunch of technologically advanced systems to make enjoying it even easier


When it comes to other outdoor structures, many people choose to have a patio cover or a pergola lattice cover. What if you don’t have to choose anymore? You can get the best of both worlds with the Liferoom Louvered Roof System.

On a nice day, open the roof up and enjoy dappled shade as you would a pergola, a little rain on the cards? No need to cancel your Sunday – Funday, just close the roof and you have a waterproof patio cover.

  • At the touch of a button or flick of a switch, each louver blade pivots to any desired position within a 160º rotation, transforming a solid, waterproof covering into a light-filtering trellis.
  • No rust, rot and deterioration because of powder coated marine-grade aluminum.
  • Powered by battery and solar panel means no hard wiring into your house.
  • No time consuming or expensive maintenance.
  • Protects window coverings, carpets and furniture from weather damage.
  • Reduces interior cooling costs by shading exterior walls from solar heat.
  • Allows rising hot air and high winds to pass through (unlike regular solid roofs).
  • Ultimately it’s giving you choice about how to enjoy your outdoor space and a little rain, a little snow isn’t going to stop you either!

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