Four Seasons is all about flexibility of your outdoor living space. If you have a need, they have a product that matches that need. Get a hold of Four Seasons. Call them because they offer free design consultations where you are the designer. Four Seasons will work with you to create the dream…

Model # 1 / Car Port

Whether that’s a storage space for your car such as a carport. This is something that I am thinking about adding to my own home just so that my car is covered and I can get out to it where it’s dry and I don’t have to worry about anything falling on it. It’s very, very functional OR—  this can be an outdoor space that can protect you from the sun or weather. You can put furniture underneath it or you can use it as additional outdoor entertainment space.

Model #2 / Sunrooms – Blank Canvas Concept

The second item we are showing here is more of a “blank space concept.” You can have walls, you can windows, you can have doors. This is true, additional, extra living space through a sunroom. These guys have been doing this for nearly 50 years!  It’s additional space for kids to do their homework, maybe it’s somewhere for dining, maybe it’s used as an extra office space or a family room. It’s a blank canvas. You can add walls, you can add windows, you can add a glass roof like you see here or beautiful solid roof options. It really is a true addition for your home.

Model #3 / Louvered Roof 

This is the ultimate flexibility for your outdoor living space, which is the LifeRoom Louvered Roof System. It opens and closes at the touch of a button, which you can control from your phone. You can add screens to protect yourself from bugs. You can add an outdoor kitchen and open the panels to vent out the smoke. You can have shades, you can have sun. You are truly, truly getting the best of both a pergola and patio cover. It’s water-tight when the blades are closed, so you will never get rained on, and it opens up when there’s snow, which all can get programmed from the app just to make sure you have ultimate control of your outdoor living space. What is cooler than this technology? You get to WOW your friends. You get to open it when you want and close it when you want. Control the wind, control the sun, control the heat, add light. It is fully, fully the best outdoor party space you can ever have on your home!

Skip's sunroom

Skip's sunroom

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