Anthony relocates to the poker table with Skip and Alison Bedell from “Catch a Contractor” to talk about getting screwed by contractors, the importance of research, how their show came about, and they explain how the show works from start to finish. Skip and Alison discuss some of their worst episodes, Ant recollects his tin knocking days, they chat about finding a reliable contractor, define what a contractor’s job is, talk about the dirtiest fields to work in, improvising toilets, the success level of DIY, the cost of having a great contractor, and what Catch a Contractor teaches the public. They then chat about improvising tools, their worst job injuries, haters in the contracting industry, Alison talks about their podcast “Hammer and Nails,” expresses her love for cursing, and they end waxing on what a great ride their show has been for them.Click here for Anthony Cumia Show subscribers