There’s no better time than the present to get your lawn healthy and green.  But for some, it’s not that easy… Keep reading for some great tips to show you how to get it there with the highest quality lawn seed and soil amendment, and Skip’s #1 mower pick.

Black Beauty is the special grass that we introduced to the Fox audience last year.  A lawn is only as good as the grass seed its grown from…so always choose premium varieties, and not the cheapest, before you plant.  Black Beauty has roots that grow up to 4’ deep, NOT 6” to 9” like most other varieties, a waxy coating on the leaf, like the skin on an apple, which locks in moisture and makes it drought and disease resistant, and a uniform growth pattern that doesn’t grow clumpy.  There’s a Black Beauty grass seed for EVERY lawn condition – sunny, shady, sun and shade, and heavy traffic.

· Roots up to 4’ Deep

· Rich, dark-green color

· Waxy leaf coating preserves moisture

· Incredible drought and disease tolerance

· Upright, uniform growth pattern

· Grown by leading sod growers across the USA


The other secret to growing great-looking lawns that sod growers know about, but the average homeowner does not, is correcting the SOIL that your lawn is growing in.  Most lawns are growing in very hard soil and the soil pH is either too acidic or too alkaline.  Generally, from the East Coast to the Midwest, soils are mostly acidic and from the Plains to the West, soils are mostly alkaline. If your soil is too hard and the pH isn’t balanced, then only small amounts of water, air, and nutrients, including fertilizer, get to the roots!

Jonathan Green has a soil amendment called Mag-I-Cal Plus that loosens hard soil and adjusts soil pH quickly.  It corrects acidic and alkaline soil.  You can pick up Mag-I-Cal Plus Soil Food AND Black Beauty grass seed by Jonathan Green at your local independent hardware store or garden center.

Mag-I-Cal Plus Soil Food

· Rapidly adjusts soil pH

· Loosens hard soil

· Feeds and activates soil microbial life

· Corrects acidic soil (black bag) or alkaline soil (purple bag)

· Use on ANY type of lawn and with ANY lawn fertilizer


The Select Cut™ multi-blade cutting system is equipped with two, interchangeable lower blades; the Premium Mulching Blade and the Premium Bagging Blade. The Premium Mulching Blade is ideal for weekly mowing and gives you the cut quality and run time you expect from a high-end lawn mower. The Premium Bagging Blade is a heavy-duty blade that turns grass into fine fragments ideal for both bagging and mulching. Both the Mulching and Bagging blades come with the lawnmower and can be swapped out depending on the cut desired. The EGO Upper Blade is used in combination with the lower blade chosen to slice the grass into fine fragments and greatly enhances cutting performance.

EGO’s Self-Propelled Touch Drive™ Technology is the result of years of research and development. Touch Drive™ Technology puts complete control of the self-propelled system in the palm of your hands using your pressure to engage the system. Controlling the speed is just as easy with a variable speed dial positioned at your fingertips for safe and convenient operation.

Key Features

  • Select Cut™ Multi-Blade System for premium cutting performance that exceeds gas
  • Touch Drive™ Self-Propelled Technology puts complete control in the palm of your hands
  • Get 60 minutes of run time on single charge with the included 56V 7.5 Ah ARC lithium™ battery
  • 7-position cutting height adjustments: 1.5″- 4″
  • 3-in-1 function: mulching, bagging, side discharge

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