The storm dumped a ton of snow and aggravation, but you don’t have to worry, because Skip Bedell will tell you how to get prepared!!  Check out these must-have products to get you through it all!



Power Up For Snow Removal:

  • Prepare for heavy snow and ice this winter by making sure you have the most efficient technology—from blowers to throwers to shovels, salt and sealants.
  • Snow Blowers: Tackle larger projects like driveways and parking lots with snow blowers like the Ego Snow Blower. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery and is the only cordless snow blower that delivers power without the noise and fumes. It also folds flat in seconds for easy storage.
  • Shovels: For walkways, enlist the help of a strong shovel like the True Temper Snow Shovel. The ergonomic handle helps ease the strain on your back and the blade is great for shoveling or pushing.
  • Roof Rake: It’s important to keep your roof and gutters clear to prevent snow from piling up and icicles from forming, which can cause damage to the roof. The True Temper Telescoping Roof Rake extends up to 21 ft. so you can clear snow, leaves and debris from your roof without the need to climb a ladder in dangerous, icy conditions.
  • Ice Melt: Stock up on bags of ice and snow melt before the storms are on the horizon so you are always equipped to handle the weather.     

Plan Ahead With Severe Weather Essentials:

  • Generators: If you live in an area that frequently loses power, the Generac 22,000 Watt Air Cooled Standby Generator is the ultimate resource. It provides whole house coverage for many homes and is designed to handle extended run times and extreme conditions. Also, it is mobile link compatible, so you can monitor the system using a smartphone or tablet.
  • The Smarter Tools Dual Fuel Generator is highly versatile and handy whether you need power after storms or at a tailgate. You put this outside to avoid carbon monoxide emissions, run an extension cord into your house and plug in any equipment you want to run – refrigerators, TVs, lights, etc. The great thing with dual fuel generators is you can use either gasoline or propane to power them. If you have a propane grill, for example, you can use the exact same tank for your generator.
  • Emergency Kit: Finally, make sure you’re stocked up with an emergency kit of essentials in case you are stuck at home, including:

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