Last year, Skip showed you his outdoor kitchen and how you can transform your own yard into a personal oasis, where you entertain friends and family.  This year, RTA Outdoor has stepped up their game with a new modular outdoor kitchen system (MOKS) that typically ships in 1-2 WEEKS* and sets up in 30 minutes!

Revolutionary New Outdoor Kitchen Product Just in Time for Summer

Struggling to find an outdoor kitchen you can use this summer? Right now, working with a contractor will have you waiting for months—but RTA Outdoor Living just released a never-before-seen product that’s typically available to ship in just 1-2 weeks… and assembles in less than an hour!


RTA Outdoor Living is a rapidly growing eCommerce outdoor living/kitchen company focused on using technology to market, design, and offer complete outdoor kitchen products to homeowners. RTA’s simplified approach eliminates the frustration of traditional outdoor kitchen projects. What was once a daunting task requiring a contractor or high-level DIY skills, building materials and appliances from various sources, and a lengthy timeline is now simplified into one source for a quality outdoor kitchen that can be assembled in less than a day. See how I built my RTA outdoor kitchen in just a few hours here.

This year, the demand for an updated outdoor living space is especially high. For those wanting an outdoor kitchen this summer, contractors and construction materials are both coming up short.

Enter MOKs—RTA’s innovative new Modular Outdoor Kitchen System—that is truly unlike any other outdoor kitchen on the market.

  • MOKs typically ships within 1-2 weeks of ordering.
  • Cabinet assembly takes about 30 minutes with zero tools!
  • Choose from multiple layouts and six modern colors.
  • The cabinets are made of a marine-grade composite material, outdoor-rated to withstand any weather conditions without warping, rusting, or cracking.
  • The solid surface countertops are non-porous, certified hygienic, and low maintenance for cleaning.
  • All appliances are Coyote premium 304 stainless steel, inside and out.


Click here to get your MOKs ASAP to be gilling this summer!


*Note: MOKs has limited availability for priority shipping starting Monday, May 24. The first 50 kitchens purchased will ship the third week of June 2021. The next 75 kitchens purchased will ship the second week of July 2021. And, the next 100 kitchens purchased after that will ship the final week of July 2021. 

Also, just in time for Memorial Day, RTA is offering a sale on all pre-designed outdoor kitchens from their original product line. Click here to access the sale.

*Sale ends at 11:59pm on Monday, May 31, 2021.

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