Set 1
‬All about the [unique uses of] lights ‭– When decorating the exterior of the home think ‬
about more than just the traditional lights hanging from the roof and décor in the 
windows. One great way to add a unique touch is by creating a pathway leading up to 
the front door.

‭ AppLights LED Candy Cane Pathway Stakes (set of 5) – You can control these lights‬
directly from your phone and the candy canes are a nostalgic nod to the holidays. 
Don’t be afraid to think BIG ‭– There are also great yard décor pieces to help your ‬
home stand out:‭

‭ Home Accents Holiday 7 ft. Pre-Lit Lantern Post Artificial Tree with Berry, Pinecone ‬
‭and Twig – the pre-potted lantern posts are a great addition to the front yard décor 
‬standing 7ft tall and adding natural, yet elegant style.

‭ Home Accents Holiday 9.5 in. Tinsel Gift Box Set – For a more ‘glittery’ option – the ‬
tinsel on this box set will look great in the daylight and at night! 
Front door as the focal point‭ – All that décor leads up to the focal point of the home – ‬
the front door.

‭ Use Home Accents Holiday 32 in. Pre-Lit Valenzia Artificial Christmas Wreath ‬
‭With Red and Gold Ribbon, 50 Battery-Operated Warm White LED, which has 
‬been very popular this year with the gold accents to brighten the front door for 

‭ If you like a specific wreath – you can shop the full collection of garland, ‬
centerpieces, swag, and more on – items like the matching 
‭Home Accents Holiday 6 ft. LED Pre-Lit Valenzia Artificial Garland with Red and 
Gold Ribbon, 50 Battery-Operated Warm White Lights make decoration easy and 

‭Set 2
‬All about the [unique uses of] lights ‭– Holiday lights continue to get bigger and better ‬
AND smarter every year.

‭ LightShow LED Projection Countdown to Christmas – start the count down to ‬
Christmas with this fun projector. This is a great one for the kids to get excited for
the festivities.

‭ FX Projector Animated Window Display Kit – this is cool! You set up this simple ‬
kit up inside the home to display fun animations on your windows for all to enjoy. 

Set 3
Don’t be afraid to think BIG ‭– if you are looking for something unique there are a ton of‬
new options out there to help you celebrate the season. From items for the animal lover 
to novelty items – there is something for everyone.

•‭ LightShow 8-Light White Shooting Star Varied Size Icicle Light Set – a smart take on ‬
the traditional icicles – these lights are sure to impress.
* lighted inflatable archway candy cane around a two door garage for the ultimate candy cane décor.

•‭ Twinkling Tinsel Ballerina – a staple piece for all Nutcracker lovers. ‬

•‭ Inflatable Holiday Dragon‬ – a fun and animated dragon will add an unexpected element and 
of joy to your yard.

•‭ Igloo with Fishing Penguins‬ – animal-lovers will love!

•‭ Pink Pig in Santa Coat and Hat‬ – animal-lovers will love!

•‭ 6ft. Pre-Lit LED Deciduous Tree Sculpture – A piece that will look natural during the day ‬
and brighten the yard at night with twinkling lights.


Conveniently decorate your home and trim your tree this holiday season while ‬
keeping your home and yourself safe.

‭ Fire and electrical hazards are more common during the holiday season with trees, ‬
cooking and electrical decorations. The Home Depot allows you to enjoy the season 
by preventing the home against holiday hazards ahead of time.

Safe Securement: Make sure your decorations stay in place throughout the season.  ‬
‭Command Hooks maintain a strong hold without holes, sticky residue or stains. 
‬Fasten your decorations with flair with t‭he VELCRO Holiday Tape, which serves dual ‬
purpose both as decorative ribbon for your projects and as a reusable fastener.

Holiday decorations do’s and don’ts:

Learn how to keep lights cool, dry and twinkling.

‬‭ Prevent overpowering: When hanging lights outside of the home or stringing lights ‬
on the tree, it’s easy to overload the circuit by connecting too many light strands 
together. Instead, use ‭a power strip‬ with ‭an extension cord‬. Inspect and monitor your
outlets often to avoid problems like overheating, loose connections and corrosion.

o‭ There is a limit to how many strands of lights you can link together end to ‬
end. The best way to figure out the limit is to add the listed string 
wattages together. The recommended maximum is about 210 watts. For 
example, t‭he EcoSmart Warm White LED Light Set has 9 watts, so you ‬
could connect up to 23 strings. Try not to exceed this in a single circuit, 
because it may lead to overloading and heating.

‭ Plastic v. Metal: Only use plastic or plastic-coated fasteners and clips to hang ‬
holiday lights. Metallic fasteners, nails and staples can conduct electricity.

‭ Power Down: Always unplug lights before leaving the house and before going to ‬
sleep. Use ‭a 24-Hour Plug-In Basic Timer to automatically turn lights on or off.

‭ Or you can plug your tree or lights into the Belkin WeMo Switch and sync to ‬
t‭he Amazon Echo ‬or‭ Amazon Tap to turn electronics on or off with a simple ‬
voice command. 

Aiming High: Stay safe while hanging your decorations from the highest branch, ‬
tallest perch or roofline. 
o‭ The Gorilla Ladders 5.5 ft. Aluminum Hybrid Ladder is perfect for indoor ‬
and outdoor projects and has 3 times the step depth of traditional ladders,
providing a safe, secure and comfortable place for you to stand while you 
trim your tree.

o‭ Safely and easily swap out even the highest light bulbs with the Bayco 11 ‬
‭ft. Pole Light Bulb Changer Kit.

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