Holiday gift giving is hard enough when you have to come up with what to buy for all your loved ones!  Skip Bedell makes it easier with great gift ideas from Milwaukee, DeWalt, The Home Depot and Seek Thermal!

Milwaulkee Tools is one of Skip’s favorite brands when it comes to heated gear!  You’ve seen him wear the jackets – and this year they have a new quilted version that is lighter, comfortable and just as warm as the rest!  This year, Milwaukee premiered their new heated gloves, too!  WIth a slim profile rechargeable battery, your hands will never be cold again!  What a GREAT gift!!!!!

Laser Distance Measurers

With our new Laser Distance Measurers, you can quickly capture measurements with the click of a button. Calculate area and volume right from the tool, then use their Tool Connect™ app to save measurements, mark-up photos and export projects (DW0165S and DW0330S only). These laser distance measurers accommodate all large-scale job needs, as they come in ranges of 165’ and 330’. SKUs: DW0165, DW0165S, DW0330S.

Stud Finders

Our first line of Stud Finders feature Center Find Technology. Instead of finding both edges of a stud to get to the center, their new stud finders give you an accurate read directly on the center of the stud. Its internal circular design allows the stud finder to maintain accuracy even when held at an angle against a wall. Use this tool to detect wood and metal studs as well as live A/C wire. SKUs: DW0100, DW0150.


Home Depot is a GREAT destination for all your smart home wishes including Nest X Yale Lock, Nest E Smart Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, Google Home Hub

  • Nest x Yale Lock (SKU: 1003242013) – The Nest x Yale Lock allows homeowners to let anyone in via remote access by using the Nest app, eliminating the need for keys and prevents an intruder from picking the lock. The lock also provides unique passcodes for family and guests to allow the homeowner to set schedules for access. Upon leaving the house, the homeowner can lock the door with one-touch. Price: $279.00
  • Nest E Smart Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat (SKU: 1002693230) – The Nest E is designed with proven energy-saving features like home/away assist that turns itself down after you leave so there is no wasted energy heating or cooling an empty home. It offers easy-to-set simple scheduling that can adjusted from any smart device. The Nest E saves homeowners approximately an average of 10–12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills. Price: $169.00*
  • Pairs with Google Home Hub ($149.00) (SKU: 1002308149) – The new Google Home Hub gives homeowners their own personal assistant. With simple voice commands, you can get information about traffic, sports, finance and more. Google Home allows you stream videos directly to your television, set alarms, play music and ask for directions all from the comfort of your own home. Pairs easily with a variety of Smart Home devices for a full, interconnected home experience.


  • Husky: 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench with Solid Wood Top in Black (SKU: 304009099) The all new Husky Extra-Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Work Bench is 24.5 in. deep, which creates 36% more storage capacity than traditional 18 in. deep units. The extra depth also means there is a much larger solid wood top to use as a work surface for all your projects. An integrated power strip on the side of the work bench provides easy access to power outlets and 2 USB Ports, so your tools and other electronic devices can always be charged up and ready to go! Price: $398.00*
  • RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit (SKU: 621375) RYOBI introduces the 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit with (2) 1.5 Ah Batteries, Dual Chemistry Charger, and Tool Bag. The variable-speed reciprocating saw includes a blade with a 7/8 in. stroke length capable of 3,100 SPM. For high-torque fastening jobs, turn to the impact driver for spinning lag bolts and deck screws. A blade comes with the 5-1/2 in. circular saw, capable of carving through material at speeds up to 4700 RPM (no load). Price: $199.00*
  • Cordless Husky Ratchet with Socket Set (1003325401) The 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet with Socket Set makes quick work of any fastening and repair project. This set comes with a 12-Volt Cordless Ratchet, AC charger, and a bonus 34-piece socket and accessory set to help you tackle your project. The variable speed trigger lets you control the speed of the motor when removing or installing a fastener. Price: $99.00*


  • DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 21-Degree Cordless Framing Nailer (SKU: 1003364143) The Dual-speed motor optimized framing nailer from DeWalt is compact, well-balanced and easy to operate. This tool will help any pro to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Capable of driving 21 degree fasteners from 2 in. to 3-1/4 in. it can be used for a variety of different tasks and is compatible with the DeWalt 20-Volt MAX batteries and chargers Price: $399.00*
  • Makita 18V Multi Tool (SKU: 1000054642) – For the PRO,  The Makita 18V Multi Tool delivers corded speed and power without the cord. It is engineered with additional features like reduced vibration and low noise for improved performance and is ideal for cutting, sanding, scraping, grout removal and more. Great for wood flooring, plaster, PVC and more, it’s part of Makita’s expanding 18-Volt LXT series, an extensive cordless tool lineup powered by an 18-Volt lithium-ion battery with an exceptionally fast charge time. Price: $119.00*


The Seek Compact is a powerful thermal imaging camera designed specifically for your smartphone – both android and iPhone models! It’s portable, lightweight and easy-to-use on the go; you simply plug it into your phone and detect things like energy loss caused by electrical faults, damaged insulation, air leaks and so much more like finding lost pets or dangerous animals in complete darkness. Seek Compact helps you to see the unseen – without having to destroy anything in the process. The great thing about this device is it’s cord free and runs off of your smartphone battery – it doesn’t require charging.


COMPACT: Advanced Thermal Imaging
With its large thermal sensor and wide field of view, Compact combines an excellent balance of price, resolution, and thermal tools.


COMPACTXRExtra Range Thermal Imaging
CompactXR provides the same thermal performance as Compact but utilizes a narrow field-of-view lens to nearly double the viewing distance.


COMPACTPRO: High Resolution Thermal Imaging
CompactPRO is our most advanced smartphone camera yet with unprecedented thermal resolution available at this price.


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