Decorations are an essential part of the holidays. Keep your holiday cheer going through the New Year by making your decoration cleanup a breeze.  From keeping ornaments safe to detangled lights and simple tree storage, The Home Depot has everything you need to help put away the holidays.  Let’s walk through some easy storage solutions to keep holiday decorations safe for seasons to come.

Step One: Ornament Organization – Keep treasured keepsakes safe by storing them in compartmentalized boxes so each ornament can be fully protected and easily found.

·         The Sterilite Clear Ornament Storage Box is a durable option that holds up to 45 ornaments. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other to save floor space. The box is clear, so you can see the contents of the box without opening it up.

Step Two: Detangle Lights – Tangled lights can take hours to fix. Save time and frustration by keeping holiday lights in specialized organizers so they don’t get tangled between seasons.

·         Santa’s Bags Install N Store Light Storage Reels use patent-pending technology to keep up to 125 ft. of lights tangle-free. Just wrap the lights around the spools for tangle-free storage.

·         Clearly see where your lights are stored with the Simplify Christmas Light Organizer. The clear front panel lets you see what’s stored inside, while the top and bottom double sided zippers allow for easy access.

Step Three: Simple Tree Storage – Proper storage is essential for maintaining the shape of artificial trees. The latest options make it easy to bring trees in and out of storage.

·         Streamline the process of storing your tree with the Sterling Premium Rolling Tree Storage Bag. The three caster wheels provide easy maneuvering so you can slide the tree in and out of storage.

Or for a plastic tub, the Sterilite 52” rolling tree storage box (clear with red lid)

Step Four: Wrapped Up Wreaths – Don’t let wreaths get bent out of shape after the holidays. Properly store wreaths to make sure they stay beautiful year after year.

·         The Home Depot’s wreaths all come in sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes that you can reuse for storage that will hold up for years. Add a layer of bubble wrap or tissue to ensure the wreaths stay in tip-top shape.

·         For extra protection, you can use a storage bag like the Classic Accessories Seasons Wreath Storage Bag, which includes a padded shell to prevent against crushing and breaking.


Step Five: Tie Up Lose Ends – Organize all of your giftwrapping tools with smart storage solutions that keep materials within arm’s reach so you can give beautifully wrapped gifts all year long.

·         Use the Home Basics Christmas Wrap Organizer to keep giftwrap in an easily portable place. It also includes two zippered pockets to hold ribbon and greeting cards.

·         Use the Iris Greeting Card and Craft Keeper to hold on to treasured holiday cards, notes and photographs from loved ones. It holds up to 80 cards and can also accommodate crafts and recipes.


Step Six: Shelf It Up – Now that you have all of the decorations packed up, make sure you have a place to store it all. Keep everything in one spot so you can easily reach and view all of your decorations to make next year’s setup a breeze.

Husky heavy duty shelving system

  • Tough, powder-coated steel unit is easy to assemble
  • 4 adjustable wire shelves provide customizable storage
  • Each shelf supports up to 2000 lbs. when evenly distributed

HDX 6 shelf heavy duty wire shelving 48×72

Easy to assemble, no tools required Each shelf holds up to 600 lbs. of weight, Adjustable height shelves and feet


The HDX 6 Shelf Heavy Duty Wire Corner Shelving Unit is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools. Each shelf holds up to 88 lbs, so you can be sure your decorations will be stored safely year-round.
And conveniently put these Husky “latch and stack” storage boxes (5 sizes available) on the shelves

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