DIY Finished Basement Upgrade

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, then not only do you have a place for extra storage, but also a place to create a living space that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  We all know basements can be a moist, dark concrete box, and that’s why Skip…

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Interior DIY Upgrades

Fall is the time of year when you do DIY home upgrades to the interior of your home. Everyone loves the look of wood, but it’s heavy, expensive and labor intensive.  Skip has the easiest, affordable and most beautiful ideas that anyone can get done in a weekend.  You can have…

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King home water filter

Healthy Home: Clean Air, Clean Water

Air and water are two essential elements for survival.  But the quality of the air and water you get can impact your wellbeing.  Now, you can have the cleanest air and the healthiest water, right in your own home.  Skip can show you how. Water Filtration King Water Filtration systems organically…

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