Kidde, the No. 1 most installed fire safety brand in North America*, recently expanded its Healthy Homes offerings with the launch of Kidde HomeSafe™ enabled devices. This comprehensive suite of home health and safety devices comprises fully integrated solutions that enable whole-home detection of smoke, carbon monoxide, indoor air quality issues, water leaks and frozen pipes. Kidde’s HomeSafe technology connects these Wi-Fi enabled advanced smart home devices and their expanded sensing capabilities to the Kidde app, providing instant notifications of home safety threats.

  • Kidde has a new suite of Wi-Fi enabled smart product
  • Including an industry-first: the first-ever triple detection alarm with smoke, carbon monoxide detection and indoor air quality monitoring – which adds detection of adverse temperature, humidity levels and TVOCs – total volatile organic compounds – or harmful particles in the air that can lead to health issues.
  • The smoke+CO+IAQ alarm comes with a 10-year back up battery and a 10-year life expectancy.
  • The suite of smart devices feature Kidde HomeSafe, an advanced smart home technology that connects with the Kidde app for instant notifications of home safety threats to your phone or tablet via app, email or text.
  • Devices are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Cause For Alarm:

  • And just last week, Kidde launched Cause For Alarm™ a new fire safety education and social impact program designed to support vulnerable communities at higher-risk of fire-related incidents.
  • Visit CauseForAlarm.org to find out how you can participate and ways to protect your family.

The new Kidde HomeSafe enabled devices offer technologies and features to help protect the people, places and things that matter:

*Based on total household installations as of December 2021.

October is Fire Safety Month and unfortunately, a new report out from the National Fire Protection Association shows U.S. home fire deaths hit a 14-year high in 2021. Kidde, a leading manufacturer of residential smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and safety accessories is on a mission to protect every moment for everyone. That’s why they recently launched their new Cause For Alarm campaign, a new fire safety education and awareness initiative addressing gaps in education and access to fire safety measures. As part of this effort, Kidde has teamed up with the Home Depot and other businesses to donate fire safety products to the FDNY Foundation and Habitat for Humanity to help ensure these life-saving products get into the hands of those who need them most. For every Kidde alarm purchased at participating businesses through November, a $1 contribution will be made toward donated smoke alarms, up to a total retail value of $1 million. So be sure to protect your family this Fire Safety Month, while also helping to protect others. And learn more about fire and CO safety at CauseForAlarm.org.



For more product information, visit Kidde.com/saferhometoday.


Parcil Safety was founded in 2016 as Parcil Distribution. Our mission from the beginning has been to provide strong products for strong people. With the rise of civil unrest, increase global tensions, and the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, our mission drastically shifted: we need to provide American citizens with another option for personal protective equipment – one that is affordable without compromising quality. Safety’s what we’ve been doing for years, and now it’s a part of our name.

Fire escape hoods:

Use these in many situations. They aren’t just able to be worn in an escape, they can put out many different types house fires, including grease and electrical fires.  Many of you have fire extinguishers in your home. Problem is, you have limited compressed chemicals to put out a fire and it leaves a mess to clean up after.  These fire escape hoods extinguish fires just like your chemical extinguisher, by reducing the oxygen needed for a fire to burn. But it is reusable and completely mess free.  Or, you can wrap it around you to escape a fire that is already out of control.  It also uses reflective strips on the back and bright orange silicone color to ensure you can be seen by first responders

This is a single sheet of woven, fireproof fiberglass. If you ever work with fiberglass sheets or the cheaper versions of this product without silicone, they give you some nasty micro splinters that will have you itching for weeks.  Parcil Safety have made an amazing splinter free fiberglass product by infusing this orange silicone into the fiberglass sheet, making this entire hood splinter free.  Perfect for protecting your home and your loved ones.

New Products:

Tinted respirators – Light Amber, Smoke Black and Various Mirrored Tints:

Since you cannot wear sunglasses over or under your respirator, Parcil Safety has come up with tinted variations of their masks to help shield your eyes in bright environments.  Tinted face shields are perfect for fire, only allowing 30% of light through the lens to shield your eyes and help you navigate.  The reflective shields can also act as a survival signaling device. Use it to reflect any source of light toward airborne personnel to signal your location for rescue.  These are also perfect for any outdoor work where you need a respirator.

SGE 400/3 BB Series of Respirators

  • Has 3 40mm ports – left, right, and center
  • Ballistic Impact Resistant Face Shield
  • Butyl Rubber Face Seal – so can be used to protect against radiation
  • 6-point head harness

Bunch of add ons available including:

  • o Drinking Straws and Drinking Device
  • o PVC-Hood (that protects your neck)
  • o Respirator Carry Pouch / Satchel
  • o Canteen and Canteen Adapter
  • o Voice Diaphragm
  • o Multiple different filter options including ones that organic vapors, inorganic vapors, acidic gases, and ammonia and it’s derivatives.

ARIA 19s:

Can’t justify spending a ton of $$ on a dedicated respirator? This respirator lets you enjoy the water with a snorkel but easily transitions over to a respirator with a simple swap of attachments.  An added benefit is that the Aria 19 comes in a kids size so your younger kids, who may not be receptive of wearing a scary looking respirator, can essentially be trained in using this mask while having fun using it as a snorkel.

Generators are trusted go-to during hurricane season, or in a storm situation.

Generator companies issue two very important warnings:

  1. Carbon monoxide is deadly, so do NOT run your generator indoors or in your garage.
  2. Water and electricity don’t mix, so do NOT run your generator in rain, or snow due to possible electrocution or generator damage.

So that is where the GenTent comes in and adds protection so you can keep your generator safe and outside.

GenTent self-attaches to the generator and keeps your generator running in any wet weather and is endorsed by the generator manufacturers

Independently is tested, and rated for up to 70 MPH winds, 18” snow loads, and up to 12” of rain an hour.

GenTent outfits over 3,000 different generators and they just introduced the black canopy line, which is available everywhere from Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and GenTent.com

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