Skip is back with his second day of EASY DIY home improvement tips!  Check out these Barron Designs faux wood & stone panels & beams you can use on your home’s interior and exterior.

Faux & Real Wood Beams, Panels & Columns by Barron Designs

The right beams, panels and columns are the perfect way to improve the interior and exterior of your home quickly and easily without the cost, time and mess.  Made from premium high-density polyurethane, these faux products can be used to create a whole new appearance for your home.

Offering innovative design and expert craftsmanship, Barron Designs products are designed to simulate the appearance of real wood, stone, brick, and rock.  Just as natural products can vary in color and other physical characteristics, each product is designed to have natural variations in pattern, texture, shape, color and weathered imperfections.

Their products are manufactured in the USA and hand painted by in-house artists.  Each design is a unique creation.  No two pieces are identical, yet they all fit together.

Their real wood products are made in the USA, and are constructed from Red Cedar, harvested from the Pacific Northwest. To recreate the beautiful, timeworn surface of century-old wood, they use a proprietary process that is unmatched in its attention to detail and artistry, so that each finished product has a unique character. 

If you’re ready to improve the look and upgrade your home’s interior or exterior, Barron Designs has exactly what you need.  Their dedicated customer experience team is knowledgeable and can offer product ideas and design support.  Visit for ideas and how-to’s on improving your home’s appearance, or to shop for the style that’s right for you.

Faux Wood Panels Installation

Faux Exterior Panels Installation

Faux Wood Beams Installation

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